Dr. Steven Kraemer: Vincent Li is ready to be out of his locked ward

At Vincent Li Second Annual Review Board Hearing, Dr. Steven Kraemer said he believes Li is ready to be allowed out of his locked, high-risk ward and on to the grounds at the institution for up to 30 minutes a day. Dr. Steven Kraemer is Vincent Li lead treating psychiatrist.

It has been less than two years but Kraemer suggests  Li could be accompanied by two security guards instead of the typical one-on-one supervision other residents receive. He said Li’s opportunities for fresh air, sunshine and recreation could gradually go up to two hours each day.

Even though the grounds are not surrounded by any fence and extra staff would likely have to be hired to accommodate the resources needed for Li, Dr. Steven Kraemer feels they are taking a very cautious approach. “We have no way of knowing how he will respond,” said Dr. Kraemer.

He said Li has responded well to medication, listens well to staff and has attended all required programming and treatment. Li has developed a better understanding about the impact of his crime and only “occasionally” suffers from the hallucinations that once haunted him.