Sean Brennan thought life was a reality tv show & now Brian Bougie is dead

A 23-year-old Montreal man who thought his life was a reality tv show and stabbed a Pointe Claire man multiple times was found not criminally responsible for his actions. Sean Brennan, a paranoid schizophrenic, was suffering from an episode of psychosis when he stabbed and killed 41 year old Brian Bougie in January of 2011. Brian suffered 91 stab wounds after giving Brennan shelter after finding the 23-year-old sleeping in the stairwell of his Pointe Claire apartment building. But later that evening, Bougie told his boss he started to have misgivings about Brennan who was acting more and more aggressive. The next morning, Brian was dead.

A psychiatric evaluation found that Brennan thought his life was a reality tv show, similar to the plot in the Jim Carrey movie The Truman Show, and that the tv told him in order to get to Hollywood, he had to kill David Bowie as personified by Bougie.  Sean Brennan also thought celebrities such as rap artist Eminem were talking to him directly and that when police arrived the day of the stabbing, he thought the officer was director Quentin Tarantino.

Brennan’s lawyer James Dawson has stated that Brennan had behavioural problems since he was young and was followed by a psychiatrist starting in his teens when he was also consuming drugs and alcohol. At the time of the stabbing, Brennan was not on any meds, was no longer going to his treatments at the Douglas Hospital and was under the influence of drugs and alcohol every day.

Sean Brennan was previously convicted of illegal possession of a firearm, obstructing a police officer, resisting arrest, uttering death threats, and breaking bail conditions on several occasions. He’s never received any jail time, only suspended sentences and probation.

Brennan is now detained and treated at the Pinel Psychiatric Institute.