Greyhound Security Measures… are they kidding

busGeyhounds increased security measures are a joke as we’ve all come to realize. The only reason they did anything at all was not because of what happened to Timothy rather it was to quiet the public demand for them to do something…anything. Was it a coincidence that these increased measures were put in place in late fall just prior to the upcoming holiday season? They did not want their ridership numbers to drop so they provided the public with a false sense of security. They published in the newspapers which 3 major terminals would be conducting the searches. I guess maybe criminals cannot read and figure out where NOT to board a bus with weapons or other banned items.(Vince Li did not get on the bus at a major depot) Until they, (Greyhound) get serious, checking and searching at all terminals, all passengers, and all luggage all the time and not after noon when security begins(I guess violent offenders don’t travel before noon). How do we the public even begin to take them seriously? what a joke, I find it insults our intelligence