Salik Bin Sajid committed the act of first-degree murder but not responsible!

In a Brampton court, Justice Bonnie Wein  found Salik Bin Sajid committed the act of first-degree murder but was not criminally responsible of killing his landlord, Mustaeen Siddiqi.

Sajid, who never testified in the case, was remanded into custody and will appear before a review board in the coming months.
“To a large extent the indicia of knowledge of moral wrong come from after-the-fact comments he made,” said the judge. “These do not contradict that there was an explosion in his mind that occurred at the time of the killing. They are of less significance in the assessment of knowledge of wrong than the overall reality that he was clearly suffering from a major mental illness. The act was entirely unmotivated and out of character, his victim was part of his persecutory delusion, and his illness in all likelihood prevented him from knowing that his actions were morally wrong.”

Sajid, a tenant living in the basement of the victim’s Warwickshire Way home, attacked and killed Siddiqi, 45, a married father of three, back on June 10, 2009, while he was repairing a window because Sajid didn’t like the way he looked at him. Court heard that Sajid, 25, delivered two stab wounds that killed Siddiqi.

The judge admitted she was struggling with certain aspects of the case, as there’s evidence in Sajid’s police interrogation interview, introduced as evidence by the Crown, that the accused knew what he was doing was “morally wrong. The fact that Sajid took and hid a knife on his person before the attack demonstrated some level of pre-planning that diminishes the strength of the argument that he did not have the capacity at the time of the event to know that it was morally wrong.

“It can never be known with precision what was in a person’s mind at the precise time of the offence. He is clearly a danger to society either way,” Justice Wein said.

Dr. Julian Gojer’s and Dr. Philip Klassen provided the expert testimony.

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