Judge says: 12 year old killer is a low risk. Getting set free

Well not totally free. In November JR will be required to live at an Alberta residence approved by her probation officer, report to authorities once a week and notify her probation officer if she moves. She will be under a daily curfew from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., continue with her treatments and not use illicit substances or have any weapons. A peace officer or probation officer will monitor JR’s use of social networking sites. J.R.’s sentence will be reviewed again next March.

The  Albertan teen killed her parents and younger brother when she was 12  but is a low risk for future violence and will be allowed to live in the community, a judge decided at her sentence review. The girl (JR) and her then-boyfriend Jeremy Steinke, who was 23,  murdered her parents and eight-year-old brother at the family’s Medicine Hat, Alta. home in 2006.

JR was found guilty of three counts of first degree murder. She was not declared “Not CriminallyResponsible” So why is she on Tim’s Law?

JR began her 10-year-sentence at a psychiatric hospital.

“The latest psychologist report shows the girl is cooperating fully with staff within the treatment program. The girl has displayed “exemplary behaviour. You are entering into a new phase in your program which is integration into the community. I’m sure it will not be particularly easy for you having been in a custodial setting,” Judge Brooker said Tuesday

At the end of the hearing J.R. spoke about her treatment. “I’m very grateful … it has really helped me to grow,” she said.

The Canadian judicial system like to protects killers. Killers like JR, Alan Schoenborn and Vincent Li. But who protects the public from killers like them?  Read more about “JR” here