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WHEREAS: Vincent Li brutally murdered Tim McLean in July 2008;

WHEREAS: Vincent Li was found Not Criminally Responsible on Account of a Mental Disorder for the murder of Tim McLean;

WHEREAS: offenders who are found Not Criminally Responsible on Account of a Mental Disorder may be detained in treatment facilities and not prisons;

WHEREAS: offenders found guilty of first degree murder are sentenced to life in prison without parole for twenty-five years and those found guilty of second degree murder are sentenced to life without parole for a minimum of ten years;

WHEREAS: there is no minimum period of detention for offenders found Not Criminally Responsible on Account of a Mental Disorder and their cases may be reviewed every year by a Review Board Committee.

We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada call upon the House of Commons

To amend the Criminal Code of Canada to ensure those who commit murder but are found Not Criminally Responsible on Account of a Mental Disorder are detained for a minimum period of time.

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12 thoughts on “Sign the Petition”

  1. I have read and watched articles about these horrible crimes and the mental state of the accused. I first want to comment that the racial slurs are not appropriate. If you want to have the government hear or read your concerns, it will go a lot further without the racial comment. I strongly object to anyone being released from supervised care that has comitted such violent acts. Individuals that have been proven to have mental health issues have proven more often than not, that they are not capable of taking their medication on a regimented schedule. I am not saying this is deliberate on their part…just not easily done for them. There are many factors to consider. Will they remember, do they have the funds for the prescription, does the prescription need to be changed. I had an Aunt that suffered from schizophrenia, she was left to handle her care alone and as a result she stopped her medication and died alone. She was not violent but needed to take her meds daily, she did not. These criminals that need their meds to maintain a healthy mind, NEED to be supervised and monitored regularly. My heart goes out to the family and loved ones of these victims. May we get this bill passed.

  2. Happy Mothers Day…
    I absolutely can not accept the fact that I live in a country where soulless, violent,cannibalistic humans walk among my children and I.
    It is completely unacceptable, and inhumane that We (the residents of Canada, as well as other places) should live in fear, knowing that this monster is freely walking our streets.
    What kind of example does this set for future cannibals/ murderers? Mind my language, but ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?!

  3. my son was murdered police left him to die on side of the HWY crown coverd it up with a plea deal victims never cum back and we get to drown in our tears you kill sum one you never get out and stop the publication bans on victims. so sorry for your lose.

  4. The entire justice system needs to be reviewed! This man should NEVER be released into the public and perhaps should have been returned to his native country. How did he even get through the immigration process with mental illness ???

  5. there is only one way to cure a man like that of ever killing again and that is being locked up for life or a bullet between the eyes.

  6. Nobody should ever go free from killing another person. Insane or not. I live with a schizophrenic son. Though he’s not violent who knows what will set him off. I don’t believe Vince like is truly not dangerous. He is in a controlled setting g right now. So things could changed once he’s out.

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