Mother of Victim Pushes for Change as Trial Approaches

Her son was sleeping peacefully, listening to music on his earphones as the Greyhound bus drove across the Prairies last summer.

Minutes later, horrified passengers heard Tim McLean “scream bloody murder” as he was repeatedly stabbed and eventually decapitated.

Seven months later, McLean’s mother Carol De Delley is steeling herself to face the man charged with second-degree murder in her son’s brutal slaying as Vince Li goes on trial in Winnipeg Tuesday.

But she doesn’t expect closure from the proceedings, regardless of the outcome.

“There is no possible good outcome for me,” she said in an interview with The Canadian Press. “The trial to me seems like another thing we have to endure – a formality that we have to sit through.”

That’s because the sole issue at the three-day trial, which is being heard by a judge without a jury, will be whether Li is criminally responsible for his actions. Continue reading Mother of Victim Pushes for Change as Trial Approaches

Your money well spent…

Family and friends of victim Tim McLean, wearing T-shirts remember him, enter the Law Courts in Winnipeg, Canada, Tuesday before the trial of Vince Li.

Li, accused of beheading McLean, a fellow passenger on a Greyhound bus, apologized to police when he was arrested and pleaded with officers to kill him. A court-ordered psychiatric evaluation had declared him fit to stand trial.

I find this confusing how they find him fit to stand trial yet testify that he is unfit to be found guilty of murder. These same evaluators will conclude that the time spent is well worth the money…and will ask for the money!… are you confused… so am I

Li trial gets underway

Vincent Li appeared in court in Winnipeg today, and pleaded not guilty to second degree murder in the killing of Tim McLean last summer. It happened in a Greyhound Bus just west of Portage.

The Crown and defense attorneys agree Li is fit to stand trial, but is also mentally ill, and not criminally responsible.

A forensic psychiatrist told the court Li felt he was commanded to murder McLean by the voice of God. The psychiatrist says Li suffers from schizophrenia.

The trial has been scheduled over three days.

“One Day at a Time.” says Carol DeDelley

The mother of Tim McLean, who was stabbed and decapitated on a Greyhound bus last year, said she’ll get through the upcoming trial “one day at a time.”

McLean’s mother Carol DeDelley said she’s been through many therapy sessions to deal with the difficult loss of her son last July. She described him as a “wonderful, vibrant” son who was both “friendly” and “approachable.”

“We’re going to miss him so, so much,” DeDelley said. “We already do, it only gets worse as the days go by.”

“I believe that mentality ill or not, people who commit this type of horrific murder need to be held responsible,” DeDelley said. Continue reading “One Day at a Time.” says Carol DeDelley

Pleads not guilty in canadian bus beheading

A man who stabbed, gutted and beheaded his seat mate on a Canadian bus last year pleaded not guilty Tuesday and will present psychiatric evidence in his defense.

Vince Weiguang Li, 40, faces a second-degree murder charge in the grisly case.

The 22-year-old victim, Tim McLean, had been asleep, his cheek pressed against the window of the Canadian Greyhound bus, when his assailant struck suddenly near dusk, stabbing him repeatedly in the chest with a “big Rambo knife,” according to witnesses.

The other 34 passengers and the driver were jolted by “blood-curdling screams” and fled, bracing the door on their way out to trap Li inside the bus.

Li then sawed off McLean’s head with the knife, pocketed the victim’s nose, lips and an ear, and taunted police and bystanders with the severed head, said prosecutors.

Police observed him eating pieces of his victim when they surrounded the bus on a desolate highway about 90 kilometers (55 miles) west of Winnipeg soon after the July 30 attack. He was subdued after a three hour standoff.

In court, Li reportedly appeared thinner than after his arrest eight months ago as he stood to enter a plea.

Friends and family of the victim wept, said public broadcaster CBC, as Li in a grey suit spoke in a clear, firm voice.

His trial is expected to last only three days, and only two witnesses — a psychiatrist for each side — will take the stand to testify about his mental shape, Manitoba courts spokeswoman Aimee Fortier told AFP.

The prosecution and defense agreed on a joint statement of facts, she said, thus avoiding having to recite the painful details of the gruesome crime in open court.

This leaves only one issue of whether Li should be held not criminally responsible for his actions due to mental illness and sent to a psychiatric facility for treatment, or convicted and face possible life in prison.

The prosecution’s forensic psychiatrist testified Tuesday Li is schizophrenic, and has been since about 2004.

As well, the court heard Li was suffering from auditory hallucinations on the day of the attack, that he heard God’s voice telling him to carry a knife with him at all times in order to fight evil, to board a Greyhound bus from Edmonton to Winnipeg, and to kill McLean.

Li dismembered McLean’s body, the psychiatrist said, because he feared McLean had supernatural powers and could resurrect from the dead, and so it was not enough to just kill him.

His family said McLean was on his way home to Winnipeg from a job as a carnival worker in Edmonton, western Canada, when he was attacked.

The court also heard Li left a note for his wife before leaving on the trip, asking her not to search for him and wishing her happiness.

Insane or not, Li must pay

Beheading a man is not normal. To commit such a heinous act, one would definitely have to be out of their mind because no sane person could rationalize such violence. This fact could allow Vince Li, the man who brutally decapitated and defiled a sleeping passenger on a Greyhound bus just outside Portage la Prairie in July, to get off scot-free.

Li’s defence team, headed by attorney Alan Libman, is arguing in court on Tuesday that Li is not criminally responsible for his actions as he was suffering from mental illness at the time of the offence. The lawyers are saying Li should be treated in a hospital rather than imprisoned, since they say he did not know his actions were wrong. If this argument is successful, Li will not have a criminal record and will, eventually, be released back into the community if he is deemed healthy by a mental health review board.

The fact Li could get away with murder is insanity. If, at some later point, Li is determined “healthy,” he should then be held responsible for his crime. The taxpayers will foot the bill to make him “well” again, and then the people, on behalf of Tim McLean, should demand he pay them back with life in prison. Continue reading Insane or not, Li must pay