Doctors have determined Layne Bobby Dean Larose is not a threat

Layne Bobby Dean Larose CBC News is reporting that Layne Bobby Dean Larose who was found not criminally responsible in the murder of David Kennedy and Hughie Sayers will be released in Saskatoon. Larose murdered David Kennedy and Hughie Sayers in an axe attack in 2002 in North Battleford. The house they were in was then set on fire.

In 2004, North Battleford Queen’s Bench Justice Donald Krueger found Larose to be not criminally responsible for his actions because of a mental illness.According to evidence from a psychiatrist, Larose suffered from a chronic paranoid schizophrenic illness.

Doctors have determined that Larose no longer poses a threat and he has been slowly reintegrated back into society. Larose will have to report to a mental health worker and live in a group home.

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  1. I sat here in front of this computer for 2 hours debating to click on “submit comment”, not sure why? Maybe cause I was taken back to a very hurtful time in my life and had to, let again, some of that hurt go.
    May 2014 will be 12 years that my cousin David has been gone. I just read about Li and how his Dr.’s want to give him more freedom. This brings back a lot of hurt, memories and pictures of how Lane LaRose and his family would sit before the Review Committee on one side of the room and my family, including my Auntie Debbie on the other. Hearing how Lane has been a good patient and has had no incidents. How Lane and his family are wanting to heal. I would still there and listen and try to make sense of what was being said….wanting to heal, one mother being able to hold her son, the other mother, not. When the question was asked, if he’s not responsible then who is? We were given no answers, a Committee full of physiologists and they had no answers….go figure. There maybe others out there in the community that work with people living with mental illness. Thank You! It takes special and dedicated People to work in this field. I however, believe that once a person takes another persons life is and can be capable of doing it again. There is no guarantee it won’t. I don’t feel it’s right to allow people who kill and have a metal disorder out unsupervised at any time. They are on good behavior for a reason they are living in a controlled environment. They are made to take their meds and living out in the community they can choose to not take those meds. Then what? They take another life…..again who will be responsible?????????
    Thank you Carol DelDelly for your hard work and determination to help with the safety of our communities and loved ones.

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