One thought on “Angela_Holm… a victim”

  1. i miss u so much babygirl..n i kno my last memory of u will haunt me…forever….i wish i dident have to wach u go like that but we all have to understand that he was sick.n will never be tha same..i luv u both n im stuck inbetween…ur gone n hes here..i kno u would never want me to hold a grudg..but man i hate him but then again i grew up with in n day out i have flashbacks…i alwase think im gonna wake up n this will all be a dream..i miss u so much baby girl….i juss want u to kno that u will alwase be with me i got u rite here on ma left arm.. ur pictur is goin under it..i want to dedicate this song to u….i pray amanda perez…we sang it together tha daii before u past….xoxoxo hugz n kisses

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