Judge found Schoenborn NCR as no reasonable or rationale person could do such a thing… Schoenborn is now free

Allan Dwayne Schoenborn committed a crime so horrendous the judge found he could not be held criminally responsible for his acts, because no reasonable or rationale person could do such a thing. “I find that Mr. Schoenborn did commit the first-degree murder for each of his children … but is not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder,” Justice Robert Powers of B.C. Supreme Court ruled.

A year later, the B.C. father found not criminally responsible for murdering his three children has been granted escorted leave from the psychiatric hospital where he is confined. The B.C. Review Board will allow Allan Schoenborn to take supervised day trips into the community, as the 42-year-old requested at a review hearing Tuesday.
Schoenborn was found not criminally responsible last winter in the murders of his children — aged five, eight and 10 — exactly three years ago today in Merritt, B.C. He has since been diagnosed with delusional disorder and has been receiving treatment at a psychiatric hospital.
In their decision, the review board says Schoenborn may have escorted access to the community, but must not use alcohol or drugs, must not possess a weapon, and can have no contact with his ex-wife.

The hospital director supported Schoenborn’s supervised visits into the community, but says the man still has “unresolved anger issues.”

Regardless of your position on Tim’s Law, no reasonable or rationale person could find this acceptable… Nobody anywhere!

Read the original post on this here first and then contact your local politican.

8 thoughts on “Judge found Schoenborn NCR as no reasonable or rationale person could do such a thing… Schoenborn is now free”

  1. -Sharon

    Tim’s Law is lobbying for a change to the Canadian criminal code which allows the perpetrators of violent crime that are found not criminally responsible, to go free with no criminal record, a questionable prognosis diagnosed with little oversight, review boards that have demonstrated a continually vague commitment to public safety, and only the slightest possibility of a public outcry

    It is interesting when your comment states “I get sick when idiots say we should treat mental illness like a crime”..

    Most of the perpetrators found NCR have interacted with the mental health care system prior to committing any crime, in many cases numerous times. The question was asked in the recent post Shouldn’t Brian Csati doctors be liable for Karl Alkier murder?

    If a doctor can cure a murderer in months… why can’t they cure a sick person who has committed no crime after years of treatment? The people who support Tim’s Law are asking the same questions you are!

    Whether or not you support Tim’s Law, you also can lobby for change. If there was better support and treatment for those suffering from mental illness, there would be less need for a Tim’s Law… and that is something we can all rally around.

    Thank you for the comment.

  2. I have a problem with all these comments . Some pople try to get help inCanada but there is so many road blocks that most people with mental illness are left in the streets or jails to get worse untill they act on their delusions them people say they did not want help. If no one wants these people to hurt anyone then lobby the goverment to spend the money for treatment not jails and putting the public at risk. Think of the suffering of these poor people.Lock them up and forget about them is just as bad as what they have done I get sick when idiots say we should treat mental illness like a crime.

  3. Isn’t it strange that the general public has all the same ideas that a man who killed his children deserves never to be released. We all have the same thoughts publicly.

    Isn’t it strange that educated people who make decisions on behalf of the rest of the country see it fit that even though the lives of 2 children were taken at the hands of him mentally ill or not, that they see no problem with releasing him.

    Isn’t it strange if he does it again….

    Years ago, they used to lock up the insane now they try to integrate them into the general population. The pendulum has swung too far in the other direction.

    The best that can happen is neighborhoods are informed of what he has done.

    Sad that we now have to hope it doesn’t happen again.

    1. It is “strange”, it is sickening that the more “educated” people the more they lose touch with reality and compassion for violent crime victims. In an ideal world Canada still would have a hangman. “Mental illness” is just an excuse to lower the sentence. Of course a person killing someone else, or as in this case kills three innocent children for no other reason than to get back at the mother for leaving him and a relationship marked by violence, has some mental problems. This should not stop a judge from applying the law with full force. After all this vermin did state in court, for the reason of killing is children, “If I can’t have the children then mo one else can have them either.”

  4. By refusing to acknowledge the legitimacy of the not criminally responsible verdict which was handed down in this case, people end up endangering, not protecting the public, in the future and virtually ensuring it will happen again and the cycle will continue.

    If we are able to get past emotionalism and use critical reasoning a bit, it becomes clear that in a rare percentage of people, there are identifiable organic mental health disorders which can render somebody unable to accurately interpret reality. Some people have a clear psychiatric condtion which makes it hard or even impossible to understand the difference between reality and fantasy. If that person has a history of violence based on a distorted perception of reality (like attacking somebody for reading the person’s mind without permission), than they pose a high risk to the public and need to be committed to a secure facility either permanently or until the patient can prove through a multi-year supervised transition to the community that they are medication-complaint and in control of theirselves.

    This did not happen in Shoenborn’s case, nor in the case of the bus killer. In both cases, the pathology was there in evidence and we could have acted if as a society, we believed that mental illness is real and in rare cases like this it can be extremely dangerous.

    It’s too late for that now, but people refusing to accept the fact that Shoenborn was mentally ill and not criminally responsible directly leads to society continuing to refuse to accept the need to strengthen legislation which permits us to intervene earlier, when the symptoms and the pattern are recognized. Calling Schoenborn’s actions ‘his own choice’ forces us to let people clearly a danger to continue walking the streets – after all, they have a choice whether or not to act on their delusions, we keep saying. But they don’t. We know from medical science that they don’t. Their brains aren’t working properly enough to interpret reality and/or decide how to respond to it.

    Right now, in another small town in Canada, I guarantee that there is another Shoenborn out there, who has probably already had a few encounters with police and local mental health teams, and who refuses treatment and medication. Just like with Shoenborn, the cops, the mental health teams, and the peron’s family are worried, as it seems clear that a major incident is not only possible, but predictable. However, there is nothing they can do about it to force that person into a facility – after all, the public doesn’t really believe that mental illness can render a person not in control of, and therefore not responsibe for, his/her actions.

    Can’t have it both ways, folks. Let’s keep Shoenborn locked up, as public safety demands, but recognize that he is sick and have some empathy, if not compassion for that. Let’s focus on enabling authorities to act to compel dangerous patients into treatment, voluntarily or involuntarily, to avoid the next tragic, avoidable murder. And let’s take some responsibility for providing ethical treatment of the mentally ill and ensuring public safety.

  5. If they believe this man is sane again then he should have to go to a regular prison and serve a sentence for killing three innocent children. He should never be free to walk our streets again. Our Justice System needs to answer to this.

  6. This is unacceptable to allow someone like Shoeborn out for coffee and a swim while his children will never be able to do anything like that. How can he even want to live if he is in his right mind. If he isn’t in his right mind then he shouldn’t be let out to send fear and panic into the mother of those poor babies. What is the matter with our world. I think we need to go back to hanging. Just because he has a mental illness does not give him the right to murder. The law is the law. Put him away and throw away the key. Put him with Clifford Olsen and Pickton and the rest of those evil people who kill.

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