Vincent Li Review Board Hearing…Carol de Delley Comments

Vince Li is unpredictably dangerous. Dr Yaren’s own testimony at the “trial” stated that Vince Li could suffer a relapse even while medicated, at any point in time in the future and that he could suffer a psychotic break as severe as the extremely inhumane episode that took Tim’s life.

Timothy suffered that particular Psychotic break… who could be the next to suffer Vince Li’s next psychotic break? Timothy’s human rights are the ones that were violated. Vince Li’s rights should not be considered more important here.

Canada needs to build a separate facility to house criminally insane offenders.  A very secure facility with fenced and monitored outdoor area where they can receive as much time outside as treatment requires them to receive.  A facility where they are detained for the rest of their natural lives. The “patient” gets the humane treatment and the public safety is protected.

If the insane individual commits a very violent murder,  that murderer insane, or not should never be free to repeat that behavior. A life for a life.  Thats my opinion I am not stigmatizing anyone.

Li  did it… Li may not be psychologically accountable but he is still criminally responsible. Thats why he goes before a criminal review board now. HE STILL COMMITTED THE CRIME OF MURDER and he needs to be held responsible for that.

The whole issue of NCR needs to be looked into and changed by the politicians who have the power to do it.

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  1. Interesting that Li followed God’s command when he killed Tim however in the court transcripts he said God commanded him(Li) to kill himself also.
    Can Yarin explain how Li was lucid enough to kill his victim on command but to disregard the command to do harm to himself???

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