“Previously under the care of our mental health system”

A young lady writing her thoughts on the Vincent Li Review Board Hearing eloquently expressed her opinion, reasoning, and agreement with the professionals charged with the assessment, and treatment of Vincent Li.

In her concluding statement she raised a point that strikes at the very heart of  much of the debate surrounding individuals such as Vincent Li.

Brittany writes ”   I’m a bit confused as to why they are making such a fuss about a guy walking outside for 15 minutes when they should be investigating how a person who was previously under the care of our mental health system could be released to commit such a horrific act in the first place.”

For many people there is an inherent distrust in the ability of of these “professionals” to adequately determine the “fitness” of these individuals to live amongst the general public.

The prosecution at the original “trial” was an inept show where everyone was in agreement and slapping themselves on the back for a job well done… a 2nd degree murder charge when the perpetrator acquires a weapon prior to boarding the bus?.. or the newspaper article he was allegedly reading in the days prior to the crime… allegedly because there never was a venting of the facts..

So the question of his first release may raise another question… did the professionals examine Li and find no condition requiring treatment? Again with no evidence presented at a “trial”, we are left to ponder.

Another “expert” (Dr Stanley Yarin) last year declared that under his care Li was responding well to treatment… after little more than a couple of sessions!

And now Dr Kremer has found that some sunlight and exercise may be just what the doctor ordered.

Excuse my skepticism but doctors with egotistical narcissistic personalities rushing to declare that they have “cured” persons who have committed heinous crimes does not bolster my confidence.

These professionals first need to actually perform their roles and duties with a sense of due diligence. That may actually inspire the general public to actually have some confidence in their ability to successfully diagnosis the subjects in their care.

One thought on ““Previously under the care of our mental health system””

  1. The ignorance of the public regarding mental illness is shocking and highly disturbing to me. Vince Li was not rational at the time of the killing and was not mentally present, therefore, he should not be held criminally responsible. We need to have some compassion and understanding for peole who suffer from severe mental illnesses. He had no control over his actions. To deny him the basic human right of sunshine and fresh air, would be inhumane and uncivilized. Even prisoners get more rights than Mr. Li. He was found to be legally, not a criminal and therefore, should not be treated worse than a criminal. He should not be punished for a crime which he never intended to commit. I feel awful for the McLean family but I also feel awful for the Li family and have sympathy for those with mental disorders, which they cannot control. McLean was a victim of the crime, but Li is a victim of his illness. Li is not a monster and it is highly disturbing to me, that the majority of the public is advocating for execution, deportation and imprisonment of this man. Among the public, there is an exceptional lack of understanding of mental illness. What is this.. the dark ages? In Canada, the mentally ill need to be treated humanely. Anything less, is barbaric.

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