Carol de Delley Responds to Recent Reports on Vincent Li

From the beginning of this nightmare I have been trying to make the public aware that these extremely violent offenders who are found to be Not Criminally Responsible, are released into the community with no criminal record! Usually in less than 5 years and often in less than 3!!

A murder still occurred. Someone must be held accountable. I’ve always been seeking justice NOT vengeance. When Vincent Li is released and if he re-offends who then will be held responsible? Will it be Dr.Yaren, or whichever Psychiatric expert signs his release? Will it be the CEO of the schizophrenic Society? Or will it be all the members of the review board? I think not.

Twenty months from the time of Li’s Psychotic break, Li has had a “faster than usual, better than average” response to treatment and drugs and is no longer haunted by the voice of God in his head.

Vincent Li would have found that to be the case if he had not consciously disregarded the substantial and unjustifiable risk he was taking when he chose to ignore his diagnosis of schizophrenia which he received in the same year as he received Canadian citizenship(05). He has proven to be non-compliant with treatment and meds,

In my opinion he is unpredictable and extremely dangerous. Tim McLean had Human rights to Life, Liberty and Security of person. Vincent Li violated Tim’s rights. The Power is in the People!. The Universal Declaration of Human rights states” The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of the government”. Everyone who wants to see change needs to be the catalyst for change.

Contact your local MLA’s and MP’s. If you can write on a comment wall, write to your elected official. I can only raise awareness that change is necessary. My son Timothy died for it, and its exactly what I’ve been saying since the first vigil I held at the Legislature in Manitoba in Oct of 2008.

Please get behind my voice so that so that the will of the people is heard.

Carol de Delley