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  1. Since this horrendous murder has occurred, Mr. Li has been kept safe and tended to by professionals. His psychiatrist has done his job and has now reported his findings. It only seems appropriate now that he is considered mentally stable to continue on with a sentence within a prison. His horrendous act simply cannot be excused whether he was mentally unstable or otherwise. To let this man walk free is irresponsible. My condolences to Tim’s family and to those on the bus that day who also had to endure this. All of their lives are forever changed.

  2. Shirley Marcotte
    Elie, MB
    R0H 0H0

    I fully support Tim’s Law! Tim was a friend of the family and it is horrible what happened to him. I don’t think I would be as strong as Tim’s mom if it were my child, but I support her all the way. The Criminally Insane should get the same punishment and more for their crimes, once they get treatment… there is no guarantee they will keep up with it and no guaranty they won’t do this again to someone else’s child. Just think if it was one of yours… I’m sure you would feel and act the same as we do…Keep the support going!!!

  3. Prayers are Still with you and your family…. I cannot believe how so many get away with things in the name of Mental Illness… This was so shocking and Pure EVIL when I heard this story as it unfolded here in the U.S.

  4. I have just been listening to Tim’s mother on the Charles Adler radio program and am behind
    her 100%. This law needs to be changed. V. Li should never see the light of day again! He should be
    punished for what he has done. He is a monster!! There is no way a sick person like him should
    Be allowed out any where. That’s not fair to the rest of us. He needs to be locked away forever and never be
    put in the position where he is able to kill again!!!! Any civilized society should be in agreeance with this!!
    Thank you.

  5. It is just awful that Li is not doing the time he deserves. It is disgusting to think that a judge decided Li deserves to be free. What Li did was disgusting and only something a MONSTER would be capable of. So you’re telling me they’re going to let a monster back into the public? Canada, you’re out of your minds. That would not happen in America i can promise you that. This is dispicable. The family of this victim deserves closure. And the public deserves to be safe. Li should be put in jail for life. PERIOD!

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