Who is Dr. Jonathan Rootenberg??

“Psychiatric expert” from CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health) in Toronto, Dr. Jonathan Rootenberg, who for all that we know is unable to tell the difference between compulsive behaviour and psychotic behaviour, determined that Vincent Li “Greyhound beheader” and a cannibal who killed and dismembered Timothy McLean of Winnipeg on a bus in Manitoba last July was psychotic when he killed his victim.

One does not have to be a psychiatrist, one just have to observe Dr. Rootenberg in person and listen to him speak for a while to quickly realise that “our psychiatric expert” is trying very hard to cope with some very serious mental handicaps.

First odd thing that one observes it the voice; Dr. Rootenberg’s False Ego voice that he uses to peddle his “psychiatric expertise” sounds like a voice of a man that it at least twice the size of Dr. Rootenberg. One could speculate that Dr. Rootenberg’s father was or still is twice the size of Dr. Jonathan Rootenberg and this False Ego voice is his father’s voice.

Once we manage to get over oddity of the voice and take a good look at Dr. Rootenberg’s performance we realise that Dr. Rootenberg’s mimics and gesticulation is very much overdone and it is produced consciously for public consumption. Not in spirit of good acting of a great actor imposing his persona on others in his presence, more in a way of a fake and an impostor who desperately keeps monitoring others to make sure that they keep on swallowing this mask that his False Ego keeps on generating.

Sadly, “Video” produced by Dr. Rootenberg’s False Ego keeps on lagging his “Audio” creating “Doppler Effect” commonly seen in badly dubbed Class B movies.

If that was not bad enough Dr. Rootenberg’s well rehearsed answers to prescript questions are delivered with this “Incredible Lightness of Being” tone of voice so characteristic for people suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Once we overcome all these visual and audio effects and try to concentrate on merit of things that we hear from him we have to sift thru this barrage of magic words; “major mental illness”, “delusional thinking”, “psychotic episode” and when we filter them out there is no independent thought left but a desperate plea to the listeners “But, these psychotropic drugs do help this patient to gain some insight into nature of his illness, do they not, but why?? They should.”

Since I saw Dr. Jonathan Rootenberg on March 17, 2009 delivering his performance to a very limited audience at CAMH during ORB (Ontario Review Board) Hearing I am willing to cut him some slack and I am willing to take this flight of imagination and presume that in the Courtroom he does significantly better. Does it in any way shape or form help Canadian justice system to somehow repair their tarnished image??

You be the judge:

Bus beheading trial ends with both sides seeking same verdict
Judge promises decision Thursday morning
Last Updated: Wednesday, March 4, 2009 | 1:09 PM CT
CBC News
A two-day Winnipeg trial in a case of killing and beheading on a Greyhound bus ended Wednesday with both sides seeking the same verdict — not criminally responsible by reason of mental disorder.

The judge said he will deliver his verdict at 10 a.m. CT on Thursday.

Psychiatrists for the Crown and the defence agreed during the short trial that Vince Li, 40, was suffering from schizophrenia and did not know what he was doing when he killed 22-year-old Timothy McLean of Winnipeg on a bus in Manitoba last July.

The psychiatrists said Li believed he was acting on orders from God when he attacked McLean, mutilating the young man before decapitating him and eating part of the body.

Li had pleaded not guilty to a charge of second-degree murder, but Crown and defence lawyers asked that he be found not criminally responsible.

That verdict would mean he could be sent to a provincial psychiatric facility rather than to prison. He would be placed under the authority of a provincial review board with power to keep him in custody or, if he is no longer considered a risk, discharge him.

‘He has a major mental illness that …rendered him unable to know what he was doing was wrong’—Dr. Jonathan Rootenberg
Toronto psychiatrist Jonathan Rootenberg, testifying for the defence, told court Wednesday that Li suffers from schizophrenia and was probably psychotic for weeks before the attack.

Rootenberg said Li meets the criteria for an accused person who would be not criminally responsible. “He has a major mental illness that …rendered him unable to know what he was doing was wrong,” the psychiatrist said, suggesting Li knew he was stabbing someone but thought it was a demon and didn’t understand the nature of his actions.

Earlier, forensic psychiatrist Dr. Stanley Yaren, testifying for the Crown, also gave evidence that Li was diagnosed as schizophrenic and suffered from a major psychotic episode — tormented by auditory hallucinations — at the time of the killing.

Yaren testified that according to Li, God told him that McLean was a “force of evil” who was about to stab Li unless he protected himself.

Killer could one day be rehabilitated, psychiatrists say
Even after the killing, Li believed McLean had supernatural powers and would come back to life unless he dismembered the body and spread the body parts around the bus, Yaren said. Li was not capable of understanding his actions were wrong, he testified.

Both psychiatrists said that Li, although he is very ill, could one day be rehabilitated and returned to society.

The CBC’s Marisa Dragani, reporting from Winnipeg, said the trial was unusual for its brevity and lack of conflicting versions of events.

“In a murder trial, you usually hear from witnesses; you usually hear testimony about what happened, when and how,” she said. “We didn’t hear that.

“There was an agreed statement of facts, filed right off the bat, that the Crown and the defence agreed to, and that was read out in court. It was quite lengthy, and that was done to spare any of the witnesses and the family as well from reliving this horror….