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WHEREAS: Vincent Li brutally murdered Tim McLean in July 2008;

WHEREAS: Vincent Li was found Not Criminally Responsible on Account of a Mental Disorder for the murder of Tim McLean;

WHEREAS: offenders who are found Not Criminally Responsible on Account of a Mental Disorder may be detained in treatment facilities and not prisons;

WHEREAS: offenders found guilty of first degree murder are sentenced to life in prison without parole for twenty-five years and those found guilty of second degree murder are sentenced to life without parole for a minimum of ten years;

WHEREAS: there is no minimum period of detention for offenders found Not Criminally Responsible on Account of a Mental Disorder and their cases may be reviewed every year by a Review Board Committee.

We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada call upon the House of Commons

To amend the Criminal Code of Canada to ensure those who commit murder but are found Not Criminally Responsible on Account of a Mental Disorder are detained for a minimum period of time.

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2,968 thoughts on “Sign the Petition”

  1. My heart goes out to Tim’s Family 💕
    NCR’s should not be able to have an absolute discharge

    Christa Boncheff
    Cannington Ontario L0E 1E0

  2. Donna Plett; Ontario; M5J 2H2

    I support Tim’s Law. I am a strong advocate of mental health rights and the vast majority of people with mental health problems are non-violent. However, once someone’s illness has resulted in taking someone’s life I believe they require ongoing supervision. The mind is a tricky thing, even in the best of cases. It will convince you that you don’t need your meds anymore, and it all goes downhill from there.

    I also think it’s ridiculous that there’s a 2-tiered justice system for NCR and others. The WHOLE justice system should be focused on rehab not punishment, but with eyes wide open that there are some people who cannot ever live fully independently. Again, minds are tricky things and some just need to be kept an eye on. That goes for all, not just the mentally ill.

  3. Tonight, in 2020, I am remembering/re-reading the horrific and terribly tragic story of the slaying of Tim McLean by Vince Li (who reportedly later was able to change his name to Will Baker), and I am doing so because I just heard that this monstrously sick killer is living in small-town MB, within a half-hour of my family’s home. So the ripple reflect of trauma and fear continues. There is absolutely NO sense in Canada’s judicial system and the treatment of NCR claimants. Even the wording makes no sense: if the act committed was criminal in nature, and a person commits that act, they ARE by very definition, responsible!! My safety, my child’s safety, the safety of my family, friends and community (all innocent, law-abiding, hard-working, tax-paying citizens of this country of Canada)…our right to live safe and secure and protected SHOULD and MUST supersede the so-called rights of incurable dangerous offenders, regardless of the reasons (excuses) blamed for the crime. It is a continuation of an unthinkable tragedy that a monstrous killer is free in this community. How on earth could anyone with a grain of sense ever trust the mind and future actions of one who committed such a gruesome act??? Regardless of the state of mind—or perhaps more aptly, PRECISELY because of the perpetrator’s state of mind—-anyone capable of committing heinous acts of violence against innocent victims should NEVER be allowed in free society, so that the members of that society may be protected! Tonight, in 2020, I am remembering/re-reading the horrific and terribly tragic story of the slaying of Tim McLean by Vince Li (who reportedly later was able to change his name to Will Baker), and I am doing so because I just heard that this monstrously sick killer is living in small-town MB, within a half-hour of my family’s home. So the ripple reflect of trauma and fear continues. There is absolutely NO sense in Canada’s judicial system and the treatment of NCR claimants. Even the wording makes no sense: if the act committed was criminal in nature, and a person commits that act, they ARE by very definition, responsible!! My safety, my child’s safety, the safety of my family, friends and community (all innocent, law-abiding, hard-working, tax-paying citizens of this country of Canada)…our right to live safe and secure and protected SHOULD and MUST supersede the so-called rights of incurable dangerous offenders, regardless of the reasons (excuses) blamed for the crime. It is a continuation of an unthinkable tragedy that a monstrous killer is free in this community. How on earth could anyone with a grain of sense ever trust the mind and future actions of anyone who committed such a gruesome act??? Regardless of the perpetrator’s state of mind—or perhaps more aptly, PRECISELY because of the perpetrator’s state of mind—-anyone capable of committing heinous acts of violence against innocent victims should NEVER be allowed to walk free among us. Doesn’t that just make sense? Canada’s laws need to be changed to protect the innocent!!! The protection, the help, the support must be with the victims, and with society as a whole, as opposed to the current system which seems geared moreso to protect and support the perpetrators. For a civilized country, it is a shamefully twisted system. My thanks to Tim’s mum for devoting such effort to trying to effect change in this country. My heart is with you and all of Tim’s family and all the families in Canada who have suffered tragedy. Meanwhile, Vince Li/Will Baker is free in this community, here, and what can we do but hope and pray that such horrors never recur to reach our own families.

  4. I support Tim’s Law
    Medication needs to be regularly monitored if the person has committed a violent attack/ murder. There should be no question. People need protection and families need justice

  5. I support Tim’s Law
    Medication needs to be regularly monitored if the person has committed a violent attack/ murder. There should be no question. People need protection and families need justice

  6. No one found NCR should be set free, all conditions stopped, after treatment. How many times do you hear of incidents happening because the person has stopped taking their medication because they believe they are ‘better’. There should be lifetime supervision of anyone who commits a crime & then is found NCR . To ensure they continue to take their meds, to observe their actions, moods etc. but mainly to ensure the public’s safety. Thank you

  7. I believe in what Carol de Delly is trying to change. I actually would rather NCR are never released. I also believe in the death penalty more so for persons deemed NCR. I don’t like this term, they are more dangerous than a sane person that commits murder.

  8. Randy J Smith; Alberta; T2L 1L6

    Should have saved our tax dollars with a single RCMP bullet

  9. As a Canadian, it is our responsibility to provide the following:
    1) Respect for the pain that Tim’s family has gone through. Nothing in this world can bring him back, that is a tragic loss for all Canadians.
    2) Support Li in his recovery, there are many people with mental health issues not all of them kill other individuals. As Canadians, we need to demand a system that supports these individuals as well as protects the safety of all individuals. There should be an institution available for Li where he can recover and where the state is responsible for his actions. This is a community and society problem that needs to be addressed so that no one else’s life is lost.

  10. Sorry, but your first premise is false.

    “WHEREAS: Vincent Li brutally murdered Tim McLean in July 2008”

    Vincent Li did not murder anyone. Murder is a word with a specific legal definition in Canada, and Li’s actions were not found to be murder.

  11. Dear Carol. I am awfully sorry about the loss of your son, Tim. It does not make sense that a dangerous offender should be let out of prison/care so easily. The ‘experts’ that made this decision should take turns having Mr. Li live with them for the next 5 years, Then see what they think about releasing him.

      1. 13 officers committed suiside over this vince li injustice, its no longer what the gov. says ,but we must guess what they are not saying…we are shocked vince li is totally free no record, his family must be very important for the defence minister to put forth NCR law to free this prick. at least send him back to china?

  12. I strongly support this petition ! I even doubt Vince Li has no mental illness and mental illness is just the excuse to escape from crimal responsibility !

  13. Vince Lee should never have made it off the bus…..the RCMP should have used common sense and ended his life. I know the policy of he RCMP is not to kill in this situation , but no one would have EVER have questioned killing in this horrific situation. Vince Li should be locked up in a mental health facility FOREVER.

  14. Couldn’t it be said that a majority of the people currently locked up have a mental disorder? How much is Vince Li’s lawyers being paid to put him back out on the streets when Tim Mclean never will! Justice system DO YOUR DUTY AND STOP THIS!!!

  15. Why on earth would anyone in government, medicine or law think that letting someone free, after they did a horrific act such as Vince Li, so they could potentially do the same to someone they know. I’m guessing Vince Li has some money behind him and therefore the justice system works in his favor. Sickening. Embarassing. Disgusting. Ashamed to be Canadian.

  16. I have remained horrified by this crime since day one.
    I cannot even begin to imagine what the nightmare that passes for life must be like for Tim’s family and friends.
    We, in Canada, do not need this murderer in any way.
    He ought to be allowed to die.
    Any sane human being, having done such a thing, and having realized that he had done such a thing, ought to want to die. There is nothing he can do to make reparations whatsoever. Unless and until he is completely forgiven by all of Tim’s family and friends.
    I would like to see him locked up forever, until he dies, until he chooses to take his own life, or until he is forgiven.
    We do not need him in any way.
    He has my permission to go.

  17. So he doesn’t take his meds, he kills again and us Canadians have to accept it. Yes the I’ll need help but the don’t get cured.

  18. We have people like Steven Avery, San Antonio 4, Adnan Syed, Dixmoor 5, David Milgaard and then polarizing Vince Li, Jeffrey Arenburg, Michael Stewart and most recently Jeff hopefully we’ll get it right this time Weber albeit from different countries but either or, the courts, Canadian or American just can’t wait to give these “people” all the freedom in the world.

    Us, the people, are screaming from the side lines to bring the much needed attention to the injustices. The system is broken. The justice system needs to be redesigned, to protect the victims (this includes the wrongfully accused) not the other way around.

    Dangerous offenders need to be locked up, there’s no question about it.

  19. Black Diamond, AB
    T0L 0H0

    Canadian laws regarding NCR need to be changed and made more strict.

  20. Hi there,

    My greatest sympathies for what you are going through.

    I understand that the amount of politically corrective thought by people in this case would be extremely hard to handle.

    Vince Li is not the victim of circumstance, Tim was. Vince Li is a disturbing individual, and society should see all murderers as mentally ill.

    We live is a sad society in which career minded individuals look to prosper selfishly in the name of progress. Anyone saying Vince Li is a victim of Mental illness is a perverted individual.

    Justice should be served for Tim and the rest of society. This is a sad case in Canadian history and I truly hope it doesn’t become a landmark case.

  21. Absolutely support this Petition. Now Lee wants More Freedom & changed his Name !! This is unbelievable !! He needs to be stopped Now.

    1. To: Ms. De delley
      I admire your efforts to bring some sort of justice to the tragedy. You should NEVER apologize for what you are trying to do. Vince Li/ Will Baker is not sick, he is an evil, sneaky son of a bitchy mean that. I am disgusted at the way how drugs, mental illness, and every other victim garbage has been used by people and for people to not take responsibility for what they do. I am not a right winger, I’m actually a Lefty, who is tired of all this societal garbage. People need to be held accountable and they need to pay the price. The laws have to be changed, and implemented properly.

  22. I support this law 100% + another 100%. In 2007 I was attacked by my then boyfriend who after the attacked has been diagnosed with the exact same illness as Vince Lee.
    I survived , but I am blind in my left eye.. And have scars over my whole entire upper body.. From the knife he used!!! Emotionally,
    I still live everyday with this memory. The dr’s wanted me on a permanent disability. But I refuse!!! I work everyday helping others!! I just found out yesterday that after 7 yrs he got absolute discharge and is able to do as he pleases every day!!! Not monitored or supervised any longer.
    Now I need to learn all over again how to move forward with my life. Cause i feel like it’s May 24 all over again!

  23. He’s a dangerous animal and dangerous animals should be locked in cages. Away from he public. Who are these Mental Health professionals that deem this guy a low risk to the public? I bet they wouldn’t be saying that if he was moving in next to there houses. Outrageous!!

  24. My profound sympathy to Tim McLean’s family and friends.
    Our mental health system is totally broken, as a hospital psychiatrist told me recently: people cannot be compelled to accept help or medication, even when they are a threat to themselves or others. Those found not guilty of murder because of mental conditions face no consequences, let alone justice, while we actually betray the victim and his or her family.
    As a result, we have this tragedy, where a young man’s life was destroyed for no reason, and his killer is considered to be making progress, and is gradually being released more and more into society. However, there is absolutely no way to monitor his future behaviour, once the final stage of freedom is reached. There are no consequences, this is insanity, in the name of human rights and medical treatment/so-called-cures. I, and many others, believe that this is wrong. Mr. Li should be locked up for life.

    1. Yup agreed, I think the bleeding hearts, judges, lawyers, Physchiatrists should all be evaluated for mental illness as no sane reasonable human being would be so stupid to let him out. Its disgusting murder is a murder is a murder. A loser is a loser is a loser.

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  25. Vince Lee should be put away to protect the rest of the people in this world. No matter how you look at it, we are talking about a man who cut somebody’s head off on a bus. I personally have not ridden on a Greyhound since I heard of this story.

  26. I support Tim’s law, June 30 my sister was murdered in a camp by fox creek Ab. August 24 we find out if the guy is criminally insane:(

  27. Redditt, Ontario P0X1M0

    Tim, the victim can’t live his life, but the murderer can & will..That’s what “Canadian Justice” is all about. We HAVE to CHANGE THAT!!!!

  28. To even think that Li is not responsible for Tim’s death is in itself a travesty of the law. Oh wait a minute, I forgot there is NO law for killing someone while “pretending” to be insane.
    Insane or insanity, what a farce those words are when they are applied to any wrongdoings. Regardless of mental abilities, capabilities, or findings people who commit ANY crime should be held accountable because their body still followed through with the crime no matter where or how their mind was engaged. Therefore that body should be held in custody for the entire duration of
    time befitting the crime. ie: Murder = Life. The laws needs to be made harsher, stronger, and
    more attuned to the crime. Not guiltly by reason of
    Insanity, BULLS..T!

  29. Paula Bildfell
    T2X 3L2

    I watched the Documentary last Eve and was appalled. So many people’s lives changed forever and the criminal walks free unsupervised. No more Canada. Tims Law.

  30. Kelowna, BC
    V1V 1P3

    I hope this law passes. A young man was murdered and his killer should be held accountable!!

    1. why were the police told to stand down in the vince li? he should have been shot ,a boy with true mental illness on a street-car in toronto armed with a pocket knife and HE WAS SHOT DEAD, the danforth shooter had been caught the year earlier with 37 assult rifles, 4 killos of carfentinal, and cops knew this ,but called it mental illness, this minassian islamist who drove van into toronto crowd, killed 10 injured for life 16 is being called mental illness and not terrorist as he is? but the quebec mosque shooter.. he is a terrorist??? not at all

  31. I can’t imagine the pain of Tim’s family knowing this monster is already out! This is not right! He needs to pay for what he did. I can only imagine what may happen if he is out unsupervised and forgets to take his meds. Terrible!

  32. Castlegar, BC

    The system is failing these parents. Anyone who kills someone else is obviously not in their right mind. Forwhatever reason, even if he said god made me do it. The fact that police didn’t shoot him on the spot shows a huge disrespect for Tim Maclean’s family. The psychiatrists need evaluation. The recommendation to have this murderer released to continue living his life outside of s penitentiary is an extreme slap in the face to the family of this boy. I can’t believe how no one is thinking about the family and to the people who witnessed this crime. Knowing that this murderer is walking the streets is ludicrous. I had no idea that this law is this way. It’s downright insulting. Do the crime, do the time.In my small town of 10,000, police killed a man who was a drunk driver. No weapon. I’m still so shocked that police did not kill this man in the first place. Now he is being set free? Absolutely insane!!! These so called psychiatrists are advocating for a killer and no one is advocating for the parents.

  33. My condolences to the family,all the people on the bus and all individuals that witnessed this event. This horrific act affected every person on the planet. How on earth do we allow this individual to walk free is ludicrous. And the individuals that support that freedom, how do you sleep at night? Would you think differently if this had been your family member. People with power did nothing to intervene and over power and secure this individual when clearly there was so many options to do so. We are all unsafe when Canada allows someone as unstable as this their freedom. Perhaps the Docter that cleared this individual his freedom should have been on that bus to observe the events. I am sure his final decision would have been different.

  34. I am horrified and sickened by this outrageous law as it currently stands. It is a barbaric and ages old and needs to be changed!
    For Tim’s families…my heart actually aches for you. Tim seemed to be one of the bright and beautiful kids, that had a huge love for life!❤️ He would obviously approve of this law, and the support of a nation of people who are incredibly sad it has taken his sacrifice for us to change!!!
    I can Not imagine the grief you must carry! My husband and I watched the CBC show tonight and once again felt the fury we would and do feel as parents. I came away realizing I would kill that man by any means I could. What all of you are doing is much better, smarter and healthier! I applaud your push for this law for Tim! It is about time our law makers act, and change this law immediately! God bless all of you ❤️

  35. Vincent Li should be held fully accountable in a Canadian Court of Law. I support Tim’s Law. Prayers for Tim’s lovely family.

  36. I am sickened that this MONSTER is going to be Free to do the same discusting act that he did to Tim McLean. WHAT IS THE MATTER EIGH OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM! It is a Total JOKE!! What if something happened to these discusting lawyers and judges family members! Would things be different if it hit HOME for them! This poor excuse of a human being should NEVER be Free! He Wants to Die for crying out loud! WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH THESE PEOPLE!!! KILL HIM!!!!

  37. b.c. v9b 2c1 animals need to be put down. no one should ever have to live next to that sicko! he should have to live the people letting him out complete b.s.

  38. Who is responsible for allowing this man out in society? They should be assessed!
    He has ruined so many lives and we are allowing him the opportunity to hurt more people?
    Everyone in that bus and the entire family of Tim have had their lives changed forever.
    This guy is living the dream on our tax dollars. Makes me sick.

  39. Nanaimo, BC, V9V1K3

    Even if “mentally unfit” to stand trail at the time of being charged
    Once under appropriate medication and counselling the ability to
    Understand and acknowledge what they have done they should then
    Be accountable for thier actions whether being jail time or psychiatric
    Care for the length of time as the crime committed. At know time should anyone
    Accused of such actions be able to have unsupervised access to the public
    7 years after commiting such a horrific crime! My heart goes out to Tim’s
    parents and family.

    1. we expect the 3rd world godless foreigners to be what they are, china has human buns they eat, dogs cats, they should have been detoxified before intergrading into a polite cival society… oh yeah! canada has no identity according to quebec, no religion or freedoms anymore , we were sold and vince li family is illumanotti li family and weiguang owns much wealth, our soldiers died for nothing! the french (catholics-jesuites ) have been in leauge with the enemy for centurys, we have no recourse, suck it up and pray our God of heaven and earth delivers us from this evil?

  40. Absolutely not acceptable. Li took away life for many and should have every right taken away from him. Murder is murder. He should have all his freedoms and rights taken away.

    My heartfelt sympathy to the family and families of those affected by an unexcusable behavor.

  41. My heart totally goes out to Tims poor family, and this Li guy should never be allowed out anywhere on his own,ever.

  42. This Vincent Li should be locked up forever and throw the key away;;;so the story goes you can kill anyone,and claim your Mental;;;and get off scott free;;;;so its at the point that the average Canadian is not safe anywhere;with NUTS like him getting off with Murder;they know theres no penalty because our Laws are crazy we have lots of Laws ,but no one to enforce them;;for every law made,there is a way to get away with any law you break;;;just hire a high paid lawyer,,who then pays off the judge at the golf course,and the judge will remand the case over and over .as long as they are making money;;or the witnesses die of old age;;;The whole penal system is crooked to bad we got rid of the DEATH penality ;;;I agree with Tims law;;;;

  43. I just watched the program tonight on this story….. It broke my heart. I new some details but not to this degree. I have a young son could not imagine. I am disgusted that this monster can walk the streets and live his life, this just makes no sense to me. This says nothing for our system. Vince lee walks among us what will this take for him to put away forever. I’m all disgusted that the police let this happen for 4 hours…. Really!! What do you carry weapons for??.

  44. I hope I am signing this correctly. Postal code is T6V1C5, Alberta.

    Enough is enough, this evil man should never see the light of day. Support the Victims, they should be the only ones that get help, emotionally, financially what ever thet need, not this pure evil thing. People rob a bank at gunpoint and get more punishment than what this thing got, this is so wrong on so many levels.

  45. Don Cherry
    On, Can
    K0M 2C0
    Only in Canada do we let this happen and the Murderer walks free because he heard voices. Have we forgot that a man’s life was taken!! It seems our court system is more concerned with the murderer and his or her life rather than the deceased!! Unbelievable

  46. I have been sickened and sad over the needless death of that young man, Tim McLean, and now to hear that his murderer will go free with no supervision or controls, I am appalled.
    I feel that if Vince Li is found to be normal and healthy now, he should stand trial for first degree murder, and should be detained for a life sentence. If, after many years, he is granted parole, he should be under the control of the parole board for life, as are first and second-degree murderers. He should never, ever, be allowed to go completely free.

  47. I am sickened by this injustice. We need tougher laws in Canada. He should be committed for LIFE. He doesn’t deserve any freedom, period. Who’s to say he will stay on his meds and have continued assessments and monitoring ??? As an EMS worker, I have seen my fair share of patients who go off their medications and the majority of them have a history of Schizophrenia. It’s pretty damn scary.
    Tim deserves proper justice for such a horrific death and his family deserves a little peace and closure.
    Lastly, shame on the RCMP for allowing this disgusting act to continue for over FOUR HOURS. I can’t speak. Dispicable, disgusting, and inhuman.

  48. he is responsible for Tims death…. Period. What happens if he decides to not take his meds some day. The RCMP should have shot him… Period …. God help Tims family and all the peoples lives (witnesses) that have been affected by this.

  49. I support Tim’s Law. My heart goes out to his friends and family.

    Colleen Collins, Lindsay, Ontario Canada K9V 2W1

  50. Lethbridge, Alberta
    T1K 5S8

    My thoughts, prayers and supports remain with Tim and his family. Lost but not forgotten. 100% for Tim’s law!

  51. Alberta, T5L 0G5
    My heart aches for what your family has had to deal with. I pray that you find peace and comfort. I hope that you keep his memory alive, and keep the good memories present. I wish you all the best.

  52. Any crime so grossly revolting ‘GRC’ as to cause public fear and/or apprehension of harm in the public mind should automatically render the NCR offender “NON-Rehabilitation-Suited” ‘NRS’ due to non-human tendencies of the crime whilst unmedicated. Attempts to rehabilitate an NCRNRS offender violates the premise of ‘public good’ and has no place in Canadian community standards noting a special regard to perceived right to life in community without fear of GRCNRS non-fully-functioning-humans. Therefore severe penalties may also be levied for violating the public good by attempting to rehab an NCRNRS.

  53. This is absolutely ridiculous. A mentally ill man who commits such an act is possibly going to be out and about among society after only 7 years? The possibilities that he’s even faking being well under these medications just to be released is large. If he strikes again, I hope the justice system is prosecuted themselves. Bunch of idiots.

  54. Hi Carol. It’s Johnny, Ann-Marie’s brother. So very sorry to hear about Tim and my prayers are with you and the family. I’ve tried to find away of contacting you since Tim’s passing and I just now found this posting that was shown on CTV Winnipeg’s News. All I can say is that Tim deserves justice instead of BS. Whom is going to guarantee that Li takes his medication and are the doctors going to take “Full” responsibility if Li doesn’t and re-offends?? I think not. He should be locked up, under care, for the rest of his life where he can be properly monitored.

  55. Send this ANIMAL Vincent Li back to China his country of birth. I am really tried of the PM Harper that says it is hard on crime. But will not comment on this issue, I think we should ship Vincent Li to Ottawa and see how many Sitting members of Parliament will want that animal there with there children. My guess is that not one of the so called “elected members of the Federal Gov’t” want Vincent Li there!!!

  56. There is something seriously wrong with our society if Vince Li is ever in his lifetime allowed to walk our streets. Come on politicians, did your heads out of the sand and do something. I am enraged.

    1. Here we are and this man has now been given an absolute discharge. Something needs to be done to address this situation because it is totally unacceptable. We as Canadians need to take action and make it clear to both the judicial system and the mental health system that while we support and are for those that have mental health problems we do not support or tolerate murder or crimes against the innocent and as such we expect those crimes to receive just and appropriate punishment and the public to be protected not for the short term but the long term from people who pose any threat to our safety as shown by their previous horrendous acts. Vince Li’s acts speak for themselves. We as Canadian society have a right to be protected for life from such horrendous acts. For our system to suggest that we are now at the whim of this man’s potential insanity because his rights somehow in their eyes outweigh the rights of the whole of Canadian society goes to show just how far wrong both our judicial system and our mental health system have gone wrong in their thinking when weighing the rights of a violator against a victim and society in general. If Canadians do nothing to deal with this extreme atrocity and miscarriage of justice we can only expect more extreme crimes, with lighter sentences under the guise of “criminally not responsible” and more people like Vince Li walking our streets free with absolutely no supervision while victims lie cold in the ground because of them. We must stand up to this injustice for our own safety sake. Our government needs to hear that what has happened here is unacceptable to our Canadian society and that pendulum of tolerance and justice needs to swing back into a much more sane and realistic place.

  57. Many questions have gone unanswered! And now you are being questioned again. I’m so sick of hearing the families suffering not only a loss of life, but being disappointed by people who should be helping/saving/preventing/protecting their fellow humans. This is a disgrace to Tim, his family, and his friends. Shameful for Canada’s Justice System. You need to listen to your fellow humans, answer them and respond fairly. No one is above the law!!! As a human, your title means nothing, show some integrity and compassion for those lives lost, those who have lost and those who still struggle with grief. To Tim’s family, I wish you peace and I thank you for your strength in trying to protect our fellow hunans.
    Kitchener, Ontario
    N2R 0C2

  58. How sickening.. Please start an email petition through force change and, we need to NOT have his killer released..For the safety of all. My deepest sympathies to the family.

  59. I fully support Tim’s Law. While science has evolved to the point that criminal behaviour and the cause for that behaviour is explained – it should by no means be excused. Granting and respecting Vincet Li’s human right to freedom – it is precedent setting andthe rest of the population is denied their right to move freely in our communities!

  60. We’ve heard all the excuses before,about why these people should not be held responsible, whether its Fetal alcohol syndrome, not being breast fed, or hugged enough as a child. But the facts are this guys was diagnosed in Calgary, his family knew this, his doctor knew this. As a professional or even a lay person, knows that is typical of these conditions that when they feel ok they decide “hey I don’t need these meds” and they go off them. I left the province, had a complete psychotic break and not only did that poor young guy die in the most gruesome way, his family and an entire busload of innocent bystanders were traumatized! If a grown adult is not responsible, his family and doctor are not responsible, is it any wonder why violence of such a brutal nature has become so common? It’s a sad friggin day when people are no one is held accountable for there actions, and the people that are punished are the victims and there families. It’s disgusting and must stop!!!!!

  61. I am sickened the fact there was no jail time. I am saddened for the family. My prayers to you all.

    Saskatchewan. S7L 3J8

    1. I am sickened by the fact that people don’t believe that mentally ill people can and do get better with the proper treatment. Vince Lee didn’t have a clue what he was doing was wrong. Today he does, give My Lee a break already, what’s done is done, Vince Lee is now better. This dumb ass Carol De Delly will go to her gravy not forgiving Vince Lee who was a sick man when he did that on that Greyhound bus.

    2. This has been a story that has greatly affected me..I pray to god justice will be served. I will forward this to everyone I know.

      Maple Ridge, BC

    3. There is NOT a Doctor alive who could EVER without question, tell a Judge and Jury, that this SOB is rehabilitated! This can NOT EVER happen that this guy should EVER be released back into society. He is SICK beyond reason, causing not just the Cruel Death to the Victim and pain to his immediate family, but others who witnessed, have stress disorders that may Never heal. Case in point is the RCMP officer, who recently took his own life due to post traumatic stress, having witnessed the horrific event. Grab a BRAIN Mr HARPER!!!!!! Sick or NOT, this guy should be locked up for the rest of his life, or even better, carry out his own wish, which was to be executed!

  62. Signing. Disgusting verdict and he’s granted more freedoms every day. I am sick to my stomach.

    Amanda Alberta Canada T3J 1W4

  63. I fully support Tim’s Law and have the heaviest heart learning the man who violently murdered him is walking free, and has not been detained for any reason other than to establish that he is not mentally competent to be imprisoned. I think this, among other atrocities committed in Canada shows a fundamental flaw in the Canadian justice system which has allowed heinous crimes to be shuffled about and minimized due to some mental debate. Whether or not the offender was mentally incompetent or unfit to stand trial DOES NOT excuse their actions, and no one, FIRST AND FOREMOST INNOCENT PEOPLE, should be thwarted from protection and piece of mind by such criminal oversight, especially one perpetrated by their own government.

  64. I am in favor of Tim’s Law. I agree with this petition, to change the Criminal Code of Canada as it applies to Not Criminally Responsible due to a Mental Disorder.

    Faro, Yukon. Y0B 1K0.

  65. There needs to be more acknowledgement and respect for the victims of these kinds of horrific crimes. We can show this in our society by holding the perpetrators of violence responsible for their actions. They owe a debt to the victims, the victims family and friends, and to all good citizens for their behavior. This, regardless if the reason for the violent act is deliberate malice, mental illness or some other reason. This debt should be paid, by keeping the perpetrators of violent crimes in appropriate custody – ie a prison, or mental health institution for the rest of their lives. Custody has to be mandatory and ongoing.

    In this manner, some justice is served for the victims and their families and at the same time, the public is kept safe from ever being victimized again.

    To the parents, family and friends of Tim McLean, please accept my sincere condolences for your suffering and this tragic loss. My heart goes out to you.

  66. As Tim’s mother stated on the radio several days ago, there is MORE help and support for Mr. Li – than there is for HER own family. There is no post-trauma care, no grieving support, no life support for her family. They have been completely and utterly forgotten, while it costs the CDN government approx. $100,000.00 a year to support Mr. Li.

    Why is there no support for Tim’s family? That is completely unforgivable and clearly demonstrates what has gone wrong in this country.

    Mental illness or not, our government needs to stop being so concerned about the “rights” of the criminal and start being concerned about the rights of the victims and their families.

    Someone has to monitor Mr. Li for the rest of his life. With our government track record, do we honestly think he will not slip through the cracks at some point? And then what will happen?

  67. We need justice for Tim, and his family; not for this CANNIBAL. His Canadian citizenship should be taken away, and deport him back, where he blelongs!

    1. Vincent Li is not a “CANADAIN CITZEN” he is a “LAND IMMIGRANT” of China and should be shipped back in a shipping crate at the first available time. I do not want to see his animal in any public place with any children in this city. Vincent Li new freedoms is a recipe for DISASTER waiting to happen. Only thing is when?

  68. Enough is enough!! He needs to go to prison for what he need and stay there forever. What he did is cruel and unacceptable.
    I never met Tim but his story stayed with me and he deserves to rest in peace.

    Nadia, Quebec, J6Y 0H1

  69. Vince Li has committed a heinous act in killing, beheading, mutilating and cannibalizing Tim McLean. Li needs to be kept in the Psych Health Care facility and be supervised when taking his medication. He should also NOT have unsupervised outings at all. Tim Mclean’s family has to be considered for they have suffered from the loss of Tim and will continue to suffer for as long as Li is given so many unearned privileges. Where is Tim’s justice?

  70. I am sorry I did not sign this petition sooner. I stand firmly behind this petition and hope that many more will sign. I will do all I can to make others aware that this petition exists, because I know residents of Winnipeg are sympathetic to this cause.

  71. I don’t think he should be allowed out at all after he brutally murdered Tim Mc Lean. It’s an insult to his family and to everyone who believes Vince Lee should be in prison in definitely!!!
    I’m so sick of this justice system, because murderers use excuse to kill their mental illness. Then if they are mentally ill lock them up to a mental institution in definitely, and or for life with no chance to get out at least for 25 years. I feel bad for Tim’s family, it’s like every time this killer get some attention in the news those family members are re victimized…. So sad, we definitely need a tougher system to punish people like Vince Lee or anyone who take away a human life. I just don’t think the law are tough enough , because if it was, may be less people would do such a horrific act like it happened in this case.

  72. To consider the freedom of one man at the expense of many is ridiculous. It’s extremely frightening to know that to ensure Mr. Li from going on another homicidal rage iis dependant upon him taking medication. No guarantees there. The health care professionals can say ‘low risk’ all they want, we want ‘zero’ risk.
    And the nature of his crime: so violent, so horrific, one cannot imagine, unless you were there. Can you imagine witnessing that???!! And Tim’s family, well, there are simply no words to describe what they have been through – the loss of such a beautiful young man. If Mr. Li were the decent man that has been described, maybe he could do the decent thing and insist he not be left to his own devices. We would all breathe a little easier.

  73. Please keep Vince Li in SUPERVISED care. We cannot risk such a horrendous event happening again. I am truly concerned that if Mr. Li is not closely monitored, there could be another tragedy. He has only had 1 year without hallucinations. His psychiatric team says it is in HIS best interests AND society’s best interests to have him released into unsupervised care to a group home. How is it in society’s best interests? And for that matter, Vince Li’s best interests? Ensuring he is properly treated should be the #1 priority for all.

  74. When I first heard of this story my heart broke for Tim and what horror he must have endured. I prayed for his family to have healing and peace. No family should have to endure such pain.
    I believe strongly in forgiveness and pray Tim’s family are able to give that to themselves. Saying this I do not believe the man who committed this crime should receive any freedom. Great he’s on meds and is remorseful but, he needs to stay locked up and given some jobs that will add to the good of society. If he’s truely remorseful he would himself understand the horror of what he did and that it could happen again and thereby chose to stay locked up. Show respect to Tims family and all their suffering.

  75. Keep him locked up! Letting Vince Li out in public is a horrible slight on the Canadian Justice system, shameful.

    1. Vince Li should be beheaded as well, immediately. Why even leave him rot in jail and we as tax payers have to pay for this sick mans help. He took such an innocents mans life, and wrecked their family for life. We as Canadians need to band together to end this.

  76. To Tim’s family – I’m so sorry for your loss.
    I feel terrible that his killer is allowed any
    Kind of freedom. Canadian law is truly unjust
    In this case. I hope the law will change .

  77. This Country disgusts me. I gladly sign this petition and feel so bad for this mother. What is wrong with Canada. Wake up!

  78. Tim did not deserve to die that day. In my eyes this man vince lee should be forced to live behind bars until he dies…….

  79. I’m saddened by the lack of compassion and support for tim and his family from our own Canadian system and sickened by how the Canadian dollars are being spent on helping this thing they say is a human…that is not human…canabalism is not human and they don’t just do it once or are magically cured and fit for society. For once could the government and legal system do something for the Canadians that have earned the right for freedom and protection and put that thing in a glass box or send back to his own country. Protect our society! Listen to your people that have earned that from you. So angry and sad that nothing has been done for tim and his family and the individuals and families to come cause he won’t stop there will be another time again again nd then what!?!

  80. I feel so sorry for Tim’s family. I understand Mr Li has an illness, but it does not excuse what he did. He should not be allowed to manage his life on his own and be under constant supervision. If this is his first offense without his medication what will he do next and to whom? God forbid it should be someone’s child…This case has not only caused the family of Tim Mclean but the family of the officer who committed suicide..We need to ensure that people who are ill and murder are not allowed to hurt anyone again. The irony here is my stepdaughter was to be on that bus that night. But we wouldn’t let her go as it was too late for her to be on there. I hate to think how traumatized she would have been. She totally supports your cause…and thanks us for being to vigil about not letting her go…

    1. Anyone person who commits an atrocity similar to what happened to Tim should be detained in a humane psychiatric prison facility for the rest of their natural life. Whether sane or insane, they pose the same threat to society once they are released. Who is going to shadow this man 365 days a year for the rest of his life to ensure that he takes his medication? And what does society really gain by claiming to have rehabilitated such an unfortunate individual – other than being able to claim that the rehab system really works? The “politically correct” authorities involved should be ashamed of themselves.

  81. So very saddened at the lack of justice that Tim has received. Our Government has not only failed Tim’s family but they have failed this country. Winnipeg, R3X2H4

  82. Tim was like a son to me. He spend many days and nights at my house. He will always be a part of my family. He will never come back, but we have the memories of the time he spent with us and I still hear his voice calling me “Mom” when he was over. I pray for justice and safety for all of us. If Vince Li is released, my family and I will always be afraid to cross the path with this man. As Carol has said in the past, he is doing well where he is, leave him there and keep us all safe. RIP Tim, we miss you.

  83. This man should be put behind bars and left to rot not let back into society. The specialists in this case are obviously idiots.

    1. I want to say that anyone with mental illness that is under treatment and refuses to take his meds is definately criminally responsible for his actions. Mr. Li had a Doctor that diagnosed him and therefore I think he is somewhat responsible as well. We are all too cavalair when it comes to the safety and well being of the general public. I grieve for the Maclean family, what a shame.

      Justice for Tim

  84. As a mother; as a human being; this is an unimaginable act. I am all for support of mental illness but I also believe mental illness of such magnitude and people who commit such act should NEVER be able to have freedom. Either prison or mental institution for life.

  85. The decision to allow unescorted trips is outrageous. Even if it was a guarantee he would never re-offend why should he have this privilege? This is a mockery of justice. Do what you want criminals; your actions have little consequence for your future. A personal slap in the face to the family that lost a loved one, I am sorry Mrs. McLean that you don’t even get to feel at peace with the fact that this man is getting what he deserves.

  86. I don’t agree that the person who did this is getting freedom after doing this. There should be true justice in cases like this

  87. There needs to be more concern for the victims than the offenders. Public safety is paramount and there needs to be change.

  88. Hamilton, Ontario

    My aunt was killed on Sept. 30, 2014 and, as far as I’m concerned, the police did nothing to protect her. There have been no charges laid and her son, who was living with her, also known to have assaulted her a number of times (police did nothing), has been mute on a mental health ward for many months. He has a history of mental illness and violent behaviour. I’m wondering what the police are waiting for. Surely the forensics are in. He should not be released into the community and, first and foremost, our family and the community should be informed of what is going on.

  89. Yet another horrible example of our justice and system. He killed a young man horribly in fact and decided on his own not to take his prescribed medication. What does the family get except short fond memories of there son. Mostly horrific thoughts of there sons last moments I’d guess. He get’s let free??? “Unsupervised???” What could go wrong here? The psychiatrist who let him go should have said he is free to go to jail. I strongly disagree with letting him out at all, supervised or not. He should pay for what he’s done not be rewarded. Shame on you and I fear for public safety. What a bad call, maybe you should change your career to a referee in the NHL where you’d fit in better.

  90. Alberta Resident

    With the shocking news this morning that I read Vince Li is going to be allowed on unsupervised, I am shocked and outraged.
    Whether sick or not, this man should be detained for public safety. Being unsupervised could mean going off his medication, and another horrific tragedy. Who will answer to Tim’s family and the other members that could be affected? The government? I doubt it.

  91. I cant believe that this man will be walking the streets again…Who will responsible If this guy re offends? Tim’s family must be just sick that this guy is gonna be free to kill again.

  92. Selkirk, Manitoba R1A 4G2

    There has to be a better way of dealing with cases like this!
    A way that will provide justice for the deceased, care for the
    Mentally ill, and safety for the public.

  93. It’s another tragedy waiting to happen. If his councillors and doctors are so convinced let him live on their street.

  94. Former Manitoba resident.

    It is all just so very, very wrong. Yes, he is mentally ill, but regardless of anything, he took another life, very violently and horrificly. It should be that ok, he is taking his medication now and appears better, move him into a prison where he will spend the rest of his life…not be allowed to go about life like nothing happened. The fact that he, years ago, was diagnosed and did not take medication or continue under a doctor’s care says A LOT. And the beheading on that bus that day was a result. As Tim’s Mom said, there is “no way to guarantee that Li will continue to take his drugs if he’s unsupervised”. He took a life. Prison for his. And if not, than the f’n psychiatrist that is making all these recommendations for his release into society should be held responsible for him…let Vince Li go live with him and his family. The whole thing is just ridiculously, incredibly sick and sad, and our system needs to totally be changed NOW.

  95. this is horrific.Can Tim Mclean go for a walk ,no he is dead.His mother and friends must be devasted.Wouldn’t we be if it was our child ????

  96. Should not be allowed back into society. Who knows when he is out that he will stop taking his meds. I don’t trust the situation.

  97. Something needs do be done !! A family has lost the life their child and the killer is out walking around this is not right this has to change the kill needs to be put behind bars and never let out !! What is wrong with the system !! My heart goes out to Tim’s parents family and stepmother

  98. I am horrified of this particular ??????? I don’t even know what to call it. I had heard of what the RCMP had done and I would love to sue their behinds off for their absolutely no regard for human life in this (situation)??? I think of Tim’s mother everyday and cry for her. I am livid at the legal system and how our CANADA displays total disregard for Tim’s life!!!!!!! or for anybody else’s for that matter.

  99. this man is evil and not punishing him is a gross miscarriage of justice to tim mclean. I strongly do not approve to let this man out of the mental asylum and fully agree with carol de delley who is merely looking for public safety despite her loss.

    Madam get out of canada and move to the US , i strongly condemn the injustice done to you

  100. This man is nothing but evil, he’s not a human being, If this stupid ass world we live in can’t punish him, sure as he’ll god will

  101. Brutal murderer. Throw his bitch ass in a lake full of alligators. He deserves to be eaten alive

    Vancouver canada

  102. Another killer in Manitoba just got his get out of mental ward papers 18 months after killing his father. Meds , AA meetings, and counselling since he murdered someone are all he needs to be let back in society according to the review board which is made up of 1 psychiatrist, 1 lawyer, and 1 tradesman. The crown prosecutor felt it was a mistake but that doesn’t matter as its up to the review board only, as too what a nut case murder’s fate will be. When he kills again they will be enjoying a nice supper with their friends and families no where near this nut case unless he decides to track them down to give them a big thank you present and send them off to heaven . Mystery pills, and drug addiction were mentioned as to some of the causes behind the murder but was there any investigation as too whether he actually had a drug abuse or drinking problem with the people and family that actually knew him? I seriously doubt it and they bought it Hook line and sinker.18 months for next murder or murders or maybe only a year next time as his meds were the fault this time and needed adjusting? Don’t be surprised as these psych mind readers are so sure that they can’t be fooled that their willing to put the rest of us non murderer’s at risk. Just a matter of time before the ramifications of these mind readers is felt by the innocent people of Canada, if it hasn’t already.

    1. If he kills or harms anyone again all those responsible for his release should be charged with murder and put in a cell along with him to finally protect the public from not only him, but from them as well, as they may have not only been responsible for his release but probably many others who its just a matter of time before they are no longer required to submit to blood or urine tests and proof that they are taking their meds. Its a proven fact that most mentally ill go off their meds many times during their lives or their meds are no longer working but very few kill people. These people are proven killers off their meds and its a no brainer that they will harm or kill again if the meds quit working or they go off them. If these boards are willing to take the risk of more lives by letting proven killers go than they should be held accountable and go to prison themselves. Common sense, due diligence, and safety of the public which the majority of Canadians want and should have the right to, is now gone .1 lawyer, 1 psychiatrist, and 1 tradesman(plumber,etc) are now responsible for your safety from nut case proven murderer’s.Disgraceful

    2. These proven murdering nuts will continue to be set free with no criminal record and are now changing their names so the public won’t know these pill reliant murderers are living next door and could be in a matter of 1 week from not taking their meds or their meds now are no longer effective, ready to kill you and your family.Time may prove that even ISIS is not as great a threat in Canada as these proven murdering nuts

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  104. And the thought of this animal back out on the streets sickens me! Sorry for you loss!

    Fort Nelson, BC

  105. Send him back to where he comes from.Nothing will ever change his ways.In a matter of days his evil thoughts will be back and he will take another life.Our doctors are all from Africa so why believe them?

  106. The Laws in Canada Suck!! Innocent people’s lives are worth nothing where as the Criminals lives are! I wish we could vote for our own Judges as they do in the United States. I know because of this creep and sicko I will Never ride the bus again for fear he could be on it again one day! My friends son said the same thing. 🙁 day for us Canadians.
    Penticton B.C.
    V2A 6V8

  107. Murder is murder. A life was taken and whom ever was responsible for that should take the consequences. If not then there will always be a loop-hole for every law. Many lives were damaged, ripped and shattered from under their feet and they will never be the same. So, why should the one who committed the offence be given the chance at a normal comfortable life when his freedom will make all the victims of that act uncomfortable, scared and nervous? What’s the point of having the law if things as bad as this will get past so easily? How is anyone supposed to feel our lives are safe in the hands of justice when something like this is so easily passed?

  108. Now that Mr. Li is better he should immediately be sent home to China. Anyone who commits a serious crime against our laws should lose their privilege to remain here.



  111. This is the most insane thing I have ever heard. This man should be held accountable for what he did and serve many years in prison.

  112. If you release him that is okay if you then arrest him for murder – as you are now indicating he is no longer in a mental state and could not be held responsible – if he is considered “repaired” he can now be held responsbile, arrested and obviously he knows what he did, why he did it, and should be punished accordingly.

  113. I believe that anyone with this type of mental disorder who takes the life of another person should never be allowed to be unsupervised. In this case this person has already demonstrated that he could not be relied upon to take his medication. Historically unsupervised passes eventually lead to release into society. When that happens who will ensure that he takes his medication? Would you like to live next door or be on a bus with him? I sure wouldn’t. I think he should be held in a secure locked ward in a mental facility for the rest of his life.

  114. If someone with a mental disorder is legally able to travel alone, then they should be legally responsible for their actions!

  115. This wasn’t a case of negligence causing death. This was an incident of such unthinkable brutality that imagining the actual incident in my mind makes me literally sick in my stomach to the point of actually throwing up. On the most compassionate level, I’m comforted to hear that the attacker is no longer deemed to be a blood thirsty raving lunatic but no rational person, no matter how compassionate, could ever agree with the notion of letting this person out of a locked mental rehabilitation facility.

  116. Because of the severity of the brutality….he should never see the light of day, let alone unescorted day passes !!

  117. Dawson Creek, BC

    My heart aches for Tim’s family they get no justice at all infact they are being laughed at by our judicial system they lost a son and no one seems to care about that!

  118. K8A 6W4

    The law is for protection of the people? Yeah Right. The law has become more about protecting the rights of the criminal and screw the people. Right now I’m not so proud to be Canadian. FIX THIS CRAP!

  119. Vincent Li does not belong back in society period! What the heck are these so called doctor’s thinking??? This is so awful for Tim Mclean’s family & friends to not only have to live with his loss & horrific death, but to know this killer now has the “right” to have unsupervised daytrips?! Are you kidding me, Vincent Li is a crazy, cold blooded murderer & should be locked up for good! I would like to see if any of these doctors would sit on a long bus ride with Vincent Li……I fully support Tim’s Law! I wish all of the family and friends of Tim Mclean all the luck in world to get this passed and I am so sorry for your loss!

  120. In my opinion anyone who kills is not sane but it does not give an excuse to kill. Mental illness should not be used as an excuse. Anyone can use that excuse but they should all be accountable for their actions.

  121. it’s like letting leather-face from Texas Chainsaw Massacre out if they had caught him only dummies could be fooled he’s smarter then they are who is saying he won’t do it again how do they get there % Murder 1 plus brutal crime life ,,,,,

  122. We worked with Tim .. sure miss his smile & kind heart.. my daughter has a “shooting star” tattoo with Tim’s name.. our prayers are with Tim’s family & the MANY victims! I feel that the nature & brutality of the crime can NOT be dismissed this easily, ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE!

  123. There is no guarantee that Vincent Li will not commit murder again. Therefore he should never be released. Better yet deport him back to the country he came from and let them deal with him. I bet he would be beheaded in seconds.

  124. The company and all my co-workers agree he should never ever be set free , yes I am a greyhound bus driver , our condolences to the family of Tim 🙁 this man should be held accountable for his actions !!!! Period or maybe the good dr should rent him a room in his home to live with his family if he’s so cured .

  125. I can’t even begin to imagine what the passengers on the bus went through, Tim, his parents, the bus driver and truck driver, the RCMP , all were affected for the rest of their lives! How can a person be put back into society! It is just wrong! We need to change the laws; insane people need to be held accountable for murder. They should never be allowed back into society if they have committed murder.

  126. He may have made progress, but he still took someone’s life and forever changed many other’s. He should be locked away in a dark hole until he dies.

  127. This man should be deported and jailed back in his own country. Our government should not be footing the bill to house him and care for him.

  128. It is attrocious that this is being allowed in a country that is supposed to be civilized. A crime and sin is just that. How dare this monster use GOD for such an excuse and crime

  129. It is fairly easy for a person to pretend they are insane. I saw it in my town when a man was choking his wife with his children trying to pull him off Mom. The police came to the rescue and saved Mom. The man did not serve any time in jail or in a secure facility for the insane. He simply had to undergo counselling on an outpatient basis. I totally support change to the current laws regarding criminal insanity.

  130. I grew up in a home with a mother and brother with sever schizophrenia. The fact that myself, my sister and father had no recourse to get them help as it would be an infringement on their rights, we had to endure their bizarre and violent behaviour which infringed on our rights, but that was okay… Not. I have no contact with my mother or brother as they refuse to get help through psychotherapy and refuse to take their medication. They cannot think logically as they are mentally ill, therefore the cycle just keeps on going and without medication psychotherapy can never be implemented as they will never admit there is a problem. Very resentful of the lack of mandatory therapy and medication the system here in Canada has in place. It destroyed my family.

  131. i am angry and appalled at the actions of the rcmp then the judicial system we need to be checked before boarding airplanes yet not buses or trains absurd the rcmp could’ve prevented the carnage that followed the beheading dead or not tim deserved at least that and if le gets out one day it will happen again and the blood will again be on transport canada the rcmp and the courts

  132. I believe everyone should be held accountable for their actions regardless of your mental status you still commited the offense you should be held responsible and pay for your actions it seems like if you have a mental illness its ok to do whatever you want because its not your fault but you have the choice of seeking help if for some reason I hear a voice telling me to kill someone I am heading directly to mental health and getting help.

  133. Vancouver BC V6G 1N6
    The laws of Canada must change. Vincent Lee is a perfect example of someone who should be in a prison now that he is declared sane enough to be on unsupervised trips. He has not paid the price for the horrible injustice done to Mr. McLean. Justice has not been served. Canadians deserve better. Lee is likely to reoffend considering he knew he was ill before and chose not to take medication. How are the courts and medical establishment going to explain when someone else suffers at his hands?

  134. Winnipeg, MB, Canada. This should not have happened and Vincent Li should remain locked up. My prayers to out to all of his family, friends, bystanders, and passengers on the bus that healing my take place.

  135. The R.C.M P. should be sued for not taking the necessary action when Vincent Li was mutilating Tim McLean’s body. Why did they standby and watch the horrifying sequence of events ?

    Vincent Li should be held in a forensic psy. hospital for the rest of his life.
    If he is released into the community ,who will supervise him? if he goes off his meds he could easily commit another heinous act! He should be stripped of his citizenship and deported back to China

  136. I was watching 2/20 on the case of Tim Mclean. He makes me sick to hear this man gets away with a mental illness. Fine he can have his mental illness in his own country and let his own country deal with a sick and twisted person. If he, feels better after all these years fine, go to your own country and get your own country to pay for you to get better. If we don’t get the respect for this family and how they were treated by the murder and the RCMP well, this country has really gone to shit.
    Not one person in Canada care for Vince Li, nor do we want him on ours streets. Go back to your own country and quite wasting my tax dollars on someone who I don’t care to see if he gets better. He murder that young man and it was inhuman to hear what he did, I am sick to my stomach. Each case is different for a mental illness person. Yet Mr. Li is just an animal who needs to be in the jungle to live like a lion as that is the type of person he is. He new what he was doing what god would forgive someone like this, NOT ONE GOD. Ship him back to his own country let them deal with him.
    Ontario, Newmarket

  137. He was responsible as soon as he refused to take any or all medications, as soon as he tried to drive the bus away, and once he tried to jump out of the window. If they don’t go to jail, atleast they need to be in the hospital a lot longer then six yrs. I’ve seen drs under and over diagnose people with mental I’ll all my life. From begging emergency room drs to admitt my sister due to three attempts of suicides and my father as a paranoid schizophrenia. Just because he now says he knows how important it is to take his pills doesn’t mean he will take them. That poor boy and his family needs justice.

  138. Deport that insane fuck. Who wants crazy immigrants living in Canada anyways? All of our hard working tax dollars go to keeping people like this alive!? Vince Li does not deserve to be alive. Someone will have your head one day Vince, the voices inside my head tell me so.

  139. Too many mentally ill people that commit murders are walking the streets-free. You commit a crime-you do the time-whether it’s in a psychiatric ward or a prison..Someone’s life is worth a lot more than this. I and many others don’t have faith in our justice system and when you lose faith-in our justice system. When that happens, eventually-you start taking action in your own hands.We need to change these laws.

  140. I do believe people can be criminally insane, but should be held accountable for their actions, if they would have served 25 years in jail, they should serve 25 years in a mental health institution, no outings, especially for horrific crimes

  141. The injustice of this crime is outrageous! Sadly the laws in Australia are similar. ..I wish all Canadian ppl luck in getting through to your government and may the rest of the world follow suit. Blessing strength, victory and condolences the family. May justice prevail.

  142. The problem I have is how the Mental Health Community is so compassionate for these people but they do not live with them, deal with them or fear them. People who have mental disorders have the CHOICE to take their medicine but if they commit a harmful crime on another person they are diagnosed to be in a psychosis and are not able to so call understand their actions. Well, they made the choice to either take or not take their medicine and families are stuck dealing with the problem or society. They know. The Mental Health Community rely on the families which are unprepared to deal with this problem and the government restricts people who actually want to help these people with the privacy law.

    If someone commits a crime after they have gone off medicine they should be charged and prosecuted for their crime. If they can make the choice to go off their medicine they have to live with the consequences!

    There are thousands of people watching this because they live in fear of someone they know who has mental illness could possibly hurt them. I am one of them!

  143. It is a complete and utter disappointment that someone like Li shall be allowed to walk free after what he did. He should never have that privilege again. Mentally ill or not.

  144. Why are we keeping sick bastards like him alive???? There is no cure for someone that murders people as he did. The mourning family needs justice! Give them justice! Bring back capitol punishment!!!!

    1. These bleeding heart scumbags and politicians who created a system where the rights of murdering nut cases trump the rights of the law abiding general public have made this country a joke. Start charging anyone involved with the release of these nutcases with accessory to murder or whatever crimes they commit in the future and I think you will find the get out of jail free cards would stop quickly. Once you commit 1st degree murder you should be hung regardless of mental issues or not. I would not be surprised the way that this country and its politicians are ruining this country at a fast pace, is the next thing you hear is that these bleeding heart scumbags will be drafting up hate laws so people who move their family away from these nut cases after their back among us can be charged with hate crimes. These murders will have no criminal record so unless you do your research in old newspapers or on the internet you will not know that these murders are next door and only a couple of missed pills away from killing you or your family .This country and its laws are a Disgrace and a slap in the face of all its law abiding citizens and especially the families of people murdered or harmed by these sick 1 pill away murdering nut cases.

  145. He refused treatment so as far as I am concerned he should never walk free again. What is going to be his excuse when he stops taking his meds?

    Winnipeg, Manitoba
    R2W 0L1

  146. He should never be allowed to walk free!!!! The laws need to change to help the victims not the accused!!! Sad system we live in.

    1. I cannot understand how the police stood by and not do nothing, this Law has to come in for the family and the people on that Bus. God bless this family. from Mackenzie b.c.

  147. I wish there was already a law in place that enforced those who are diagnosed with a mental illnesses that can impair ones judgment to have to be medicated for the safe of not only others but them selfs.

  148. Mr. Harper, I know you are a very busy man, and we appreciate all that you do for our wonderful country of Canada but just in case you missed it, Vincent Li is now free to roam our homes and neighbourhoods with a free pass from his psychiatrist with no supervision. This makes me very very worried as I’m sure it does with everyone who is aware of the horrific
    murder of TIM McLEAN.
    I’m perfectly sure that now its been brought to your attention that something will be done to rectify this situation.
    He,(Vincent Li)should be stripped of his Canadian Citizenship and sent Back to wherever he came from, he does not deserve the honour of living amongst us.
    Yours faithfully,
    Gina E Tuli.
    God Bless TIM McLEAN and his family and friends.
    True Canadian Citizen.

  149. i CANNOT SEE LETTING THESE CRIMINALS OUT OF PRISON to walk the streets and probably murder again, I know several people with mental disorders that when they are feeling better with the medication they stop talking it and thats when they have trouble and have voices telling them to do horrendoous acts, keep them in an intitution for 10 years and then see if they have been helped. I agree with another post have the judge that has let these ppl out on the streets again to be responsible for them.

  150. This man should not be integrated in any way- ever. The family should have a say in this- not just the ‘professionals’ that see him in a controlled setting. Murderers that are not citizens of this country should be deported and made to serve the rest of their days in a secure prison. My condolences to the McLean family and friends. Tim seemed like a cool young man.

    1. on behalf of the family of Tim McLean,Thank you.vince li received his canadian citizenship in the same year as he was treated for schizophrenia 2005. I am Timothy’s mother I am aboriginal and the crown told me that vince li is as canadian as I am(in the eyes of the law). I beg to differ. Carol de Delley

      1. Carol:
        Thank you for taking the time to reply. I am so sad to hear these legal avenues seem to be in his favour. Please keep strong, and know that you have the support of the majority of Canadians who want to keep the memory of Tim alive- the well being of V.L. Isn’t even a concern.
        Love to you, your family, and Tims friends who are continuing this great work.

  151. Horrific. Inexcusable.

    This sick criminal, others,
    and even more so, our so-called law enforcement.

    The RCMP and SWAT team used to stand for something. It must be very hard these days for those still try.

    By watching and not preventing further unspeakable crimes to the body, after this brutal murder, are those involved not:
    Accessories, accomplices to same, including cannibalism!?!!!!


    The recent suicide of an RCMP “first responder” was most likely not only post-traumatic stress disorder, but rather, belated conscience or some form of honor catching up. It is all more than sad. Actually, unbelievable. How could they – 4 hours? Watching? A minute is too much. “Preservation of life policy” , huh? Whose life??

    Also, the psychiatrist who has such an enlightened view of Vince Li’s character and purposes should have him over for indefinite unsupervised sleepovers with those he most cares about, particularly the innocent, at his own home. The review board should have their individual turns, keeping in mind Li is taking his medication and is no threat, no supervision required…for what 12 hours a day now, 8…? Good luck. Who is next?

  152. Saying someone can’t be held responsible for murder due to mental health reasons is like saying a drunk driver can’t be held responsible for DUI because they didn’t know what they were doing. #justicefortim

  153. Lets not take away the Rights of the people that are Not Criminally Responsible on Account of a Mental Disorder. Lets stroke their hands and try to understand why they made a mistake. Maybe they are so ill we should take care of them. To hell with the victims and their families. Why should the rest of us have any Rights? Maybe be should forgive and forget these … (people?) …. that commit such terrible crimes? Wait! Crimes? If it’s a crime; then it’s a “CRIME”.

    Ontario, P0B 1P0

  154. We say to the Canadian Federal Government to please put Vincent Lee in the same place that Tim is. Rest in peace.

  155. There needs to be justice. Absolutely unfair that the police didn’t deal with him until hours later. He needs to be watched at all times… He is dangerous and can hurt so many more.

  156. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family , i hope this LAW goes through so this doesn’t happen to anyone else

  157. I am appalled at the story, the RCMP’s response and the granting of such privileges to the killer, Vincent Li. He has proven that he is capable of horror and if he goes off of his medication or it becomes ineffective then what?

  158. my heart goes out to this family and all people afffected by thi brutal crime
    every Canadian out there should sign this petition and out goverment should listen

  159. this is outrageous that this man gets to walk around Selkirk M.B. with no supervision as a resident and a mother
    I am outraged this family has been thru enough , I don’t care how much revenue the mental hospital brings to this community we need to feel safe . Do the doctors that set him free on Selkirk live in Selkirk or have there families here . send him back to his own country and let them live in fear

  160. scott kerr
    minnedosa mb

    Keep this monster in and any other ones. and rcmp are all useless leaving him on the bus for 4 hours.

  161. horrified to hear what was done to this young man and how the rcmp were useless in stopping the defiling that this sick person did to his body.No parent should live through this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  162. This whole situation is appalling. We failed as a nation in our response both during and after the commission of this heinous crime.
    My deepest sympathies to the families and to the peripheral victims who bear the scars for the rest of their lives.

  163. Li was previously diagnosed with schizophrenia and refused medication YET he told the Dr. and the interviewer that he did not know that he was schizophrenic until after he had committed the murder. So, which is it? He is crazy like a fox and should have been subjected to a panel of psych experts not only one.
    I support strongly Tim’s mother’s proposed legislation and urge the Federal Government to act on it.
    She needs the support of all Canadians. Let’s give her our support Canada.

    1. I agree–Tim’s family totally needs to be supported by ALL Canadians! I see a real danger in Li starting to have freedom. “After the first year of treatment, most people will discontinue their use of medications…”
      So, since he is on such good behavior where he is being treated, he is now having some freedom. Gradually, he will probably get complete freedom….and go off of his medication…..and he is FREE TO COMMIT THE SAME CRIME AGAIN…..and ruin many more lives. Who “wins? The one who is, again, “not criminally responsible”. There will be many victims again–those who cannot look away from such a hideous act. Li needs to be CAREFULLY monitored (in a place where the general public is SAFE) for the REST OF HIS LIFE!! Again, he made the choice to REFUSE treatment.

      I feel that this same principle should be applied to those who drink/take drugs/text and drive–they MADE THE CHOICE to do the activity, so they should be made TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE for their choices. If so, there would be a lot less broken hearts over the loss of loved ones, and ultimately MORE RESPECT FOR THE LAW. The criminal justice system has become a cat-and-mouse game where criminals can say whatever they want to, and many of them can get off, scot-free. As a result, many victims do not trust the police, and take the law into their own hands.

      What a SAD, SAD world we live in!! It’s time to get back to MAKING people (including police officers and other public officials) take responsibility for their actions. Li should have been told (if he had not been) that he WOULD BE RESPONSIBLE for any crimes he committed during any psychotic state, and should have had to sign a document which also included his doctor’s signature stating this was against his (the doctor’s) advice.

      Brenda MB R0H 0C0

  164. If a person is mentally ill and hears voices telling him to murder people, all the more reason for them to never be able to be around people again. I’m tired of the NCR excuse and letting them walk after a short time in a mental health facility. In cases like this, they should bring back the death penalty. If and when Li stops taking his meds, how many other people will have to suffer because of his actions. I can’t understand how the RCMP could just stand there reporting to each other what was going on inside the bus and do nothing. RIP Tim…..sorry there was no one there to help you and that your killer has the freedom to walk around in society. The justice system failed you terribly.

  165. I heard about this at the time but it was not until a canadian show which covered the whole story was aired today that I fully grasped what happened, I cannot imagine having this happen to a loved one.

    I dont usually sign petitions but this one I endorse fully, its about time something was done to deal with this loop hole in the law the people involved and those left behind never get to return to a normal life its completely unfair for the aggressor to be allowed too

  166. This Doctor that claims this nut job is ok for day passes, let him stay with the Doctor at his house……..I’ll bet the Doctor changes his tune!!! Life in prison is to lenient punishment for this criminal, not unescorted day passes, have we all lost our minds?

  167. Unbelievable
    When will our so called government start doing their job
    Of protecting their citizens

  168. When does society get protected from irrational criminals if they are let off as being not criminally responsible, his hands did this horrific crime! WTF was the RCMP officers scared of? Why wasn’t this stopped as soon as they arrived? Who answers for that???

    1. What is wrong with the captain of RCMP .What if this was his son would he let LI cut him up while his men watch.. Ever used a tranquilizer dart on a lion ,. or a rabid dog …. and know we set him free to walk the streets of Winnipeg ..We should as Canadians really think this through a little better…. My heart goes out to MR McLean’s family

  169. My heart aches for Tim’s family and all the people who’s lives have been affected by this brutal crime. The man who did this should never be allowed to walk free.

  170. I seen the program tonight “True Crime Canada” and to be honest,it made me sick to my stomach-I was aware of this tragedy when it had happened, but had forgotten most of it.

    That son of a bitch,Vince Lee,schizo or not,should NOT be alive,should NOT be kept in a pyschiatric unit,a prison or anywhere alive at all.

    From what was televised,that excuse for a human being KNEW what he was doing when he purchased the hunting knife-ANYONE can use the excuse of hearing voices.

    Well stop the voices once and for all for that inexcusable waste of skin-
    never mind the death penalty-just get rid of it-no one I know keeps garbage around,and he is definitely garbage.

    I feel so bad for ALL of Tim McLeans family-for all of the people on the bus,the transport truck operator-all of them-PTSD is hell and every last one of those ppl should be compensated by the provincial government AND Greyhound for the rest of their lives.

  171. Capital punishment in this case. It needs to be reinstated in Canada. This monster should not ever step foot outside a cell. It’s just not right.
    My best wishes to all who have been affected by this tragedy

  172. I support some sort of law that either keeps these “NCR” people locked up forever or monitors their every movement and that they are on their meds, and healthy.
    Note: If I were a mentally ill person that committed a horrific crime….I would want to be monitored for the rest of my life to make sure that I never did such evil deeds again. I believe we would not only be doing society a favor, but we’d be doing them ( the NCR people) a favor as well.

  173. I absolutely believe that if a person takes another person’s life, the general public has the right to be protected from that person. Li CHOSE NOT to be treated, so he SHOULD be held accountable! Why should he have special treatment, just because HE didn’t want to be treated? So, everyone else has to always be on the lookout, just in case there’s someone out there that “wasn’t criminally responsible”, but got released for a day?

    I went through abuse, and I have PTSD, which after 13 years, continues to plague me daily, even though I am on a high dose of medication. Even now, if anything unexpected happens, my reaction varies from jumping to screaming. If there’s a siren, I sense it, before I even hear it, and I can’t relax until I know where it is coming from. Are these reactions normal? NO!! Can I change them? No, because they are instinctive–they happen long before I could even think to stop them. I also have to take 2 medications to sleep at night–I went for 9 months with only 1 hour of sleep per night.

    There are so many soldiers that have come back after serving our country in various wars. So many of them end up committing suicide, because they just can’t live with all of the trauma they endured.

    What about the other passengers that were on the bus? They are FOREVER SCARRED by the memories that are burned into their brains–memories that CANNOT be obliterated, no matter what they do. They have endured 3 YEARS OF TORTURE, because they were so horrified by what they were witnessing, they could NOT take their eyes off of an event that NO ONE should EVER have to be impacted by!!

    Now, tell me, can you HONESTLY say that it is FAIR for a person who has caused so much mental and emotional anguish for Tim’s parents, family, and friends; the remaining passengers, the bus driver, the truck driver, the police, and everyone else that was involved/or who witnessed any part of this hideous scene–for Li to have priority for freedom to WALK AROUND TOTALLY FREE on a day pass, while onlookers (victims) and the general public are not even allowed the PEACE that they should have???

    There should be a block of city/municipal land attached to the prison that is COMPLETELY enclosed by prison bars–on all 4 sides, and on the top. That would be the only SAFE place for Li to have freedom to go for a walk!! At least the general public would be protected, as our LAWS claim that we are supposed to be.

    One other thing–part of having PTSD, is that your memory actually takes you right back into the event, so you re-experience it, which is TOTALLY different than just remembering something that happened. Just imagine the agony Tim’s parents/family has to go through EVERY YEAR, just because someone WHO REFUSED treatment wants some freedom!!!

    Brenda MB R0H 0C0

  174. I fully support this law and my heart goes out to Tim, his family and all those who have been affected by this terrible brutal crime. Society needs to be protected from violent offenders who could offend again even if deemed “unaccountable” in a court of law.

  175. There should be no doubt at all that these “not criminally responsible” people should NEVER EVER be allowed to roam freely ever again….for the sake of the safety of the public. My life has been touched by 2 of these people; my mother in law ( my children’s sweet 86yr old grandmother) was bludgeoned to death by a schizophrenic, and my neighbor( who was schizophrenic) killed her 12 yr old son and then herself….absolutely ruining the life of the father/husband. I believe these sorts of things happen more often than the public realizes; we only hear of the notorious cases. These people should be monitored on a daily basis to make sure that they are on their meds; either within a facility or on the street. They should all be wearing some sort of tracking device in case they disappear off the grid. This is not a ‘human injustice”….this is common sense to protect the public. For all anyone knows, Vincent Li could end up living next door to you or me or the family of Tim McLean….without our knowledge. We as citizens , deserve better. Even Vincent Li acknowledged his evil deed, and that it should be punished. Unfortunately, the RCMP screwed this up royally; they should never have allowed him all that time to mutilate the body of Tim McLean; they should have done Vincent Li and all of Canada a favor and shot him dead when they had the chance. Now, we in Canada are burdened with having him in this country , not knowing where he lives, and where his next victim will be. This is the definition of INSANITY!!!!

    1. Janice, I totally agree with EVERYTHING that you have written about Li and the RCMP. I don’t think that I will ever trust the RCMP again. As far as a lot of patients with schizophrenia are concerned, but especially, those who are found “Not Criminally Responsible” (when they suddenly return back into society), feel, that after having been under a doctor’s care and being given the drugs (in a psychiatric facility) they are so much better now and don’t need to continue taking their medications. I totally agree that they should not be allowed back into the real world, unless they are monitored and watched VERY CAREFULLY. The public should be protected from those who refuse to take their meds. As you stated…”this is not a human injustice….it is just common sense!” We also have to think of Tim’s family and all of those passengers who were on the bus that horrible night, they are all still suffering in one way or another and so they will for the rest of their lives. Victims of these heinous crimes always seem to be forgotten and that should not be the case at all!

      1. We all agree the situation could have been handled better by the RCMP in a humanity sense and a common sense sort of way, but don’t place too much blame on them as they follow a set of rules and policies deemed suitable by society/courts and they are very cut and dry, to save life or bodily harm and leave no grey area for situations like this. Unfortunately they followed the rules to the letter instead of following the law of humanity. I feel for the RCMP as well as remember they came even tho all others ran away. They deal with tough situations and many lose their lives so let’s not forget who’s to blame Vince Li

  176. I agree he s insane, everyone who commits a crime like this is or they wouldn’t do it. One if the biggest problems is these egotistical doctors who think they are so smart and can fix a nut bar like this that they let the moron manipulate them into thinking they cured them. Keep the doctors out of the legal system as they have no place in the court room and only look for their our validation . If the doctors wanna help, do it in prison. I also believe doctors should be held criminally responsible for when a violent offender is treated and re offends after being deemed fit for society. Society also harps on police for their actions but what about the doctors , lawyers , and judges who allowed this to happen without considering common sense.

    1. I agree with the comment that; doctors who release seeminly healed criminally insane people be held accountable within the legal system if and when they re-offend. I think it would make them think twice before releasing these guys!

  177. So sorry for this family. How about bringing back the death penalty? Why should we be supporting these killers? I can’t believe he is allowed out in public.

    1. I also agree that the Death Penalty should be re-instated. With DNA and all of the latest technology available these days, there should be no room for “reasonable doubt” in the courts. It’s about time for people to start being ACCOUNTABLE! IF YOU CAN’T DO THE TIME, THEN DON’T DO THE CRIME!!!

  178. I just heard about this petition on true crime canada, I believe that anyone who murders due to a mental illness should still be heald criminally responsible. There are many people in this world who suffer from mental illness who do no harm to others. So why should someone who does do harm to others not be held responsible. There should not be any difference for a non mentally Ill murderer compared to a mentally ill murderer. No special treatment should be awarded to mentally ill murderes, no matter their condition. My heart goes out to the family. How absolutely hard this is for them.

  179. I just saw “TRUE CRIME CANADA” tonight at 9:00PM Sunday and I do not know how Tim’s parents and stepmother can digest this HORRIFIC crime that has been done to their son…..and the “Police” how dare how dare they just leave this mental case be disrespectful to Tim’s body. I wish Tim’s family would find a way to sued the RCMP they disrespected Tim’s body by doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AND YES Vince Li should definitely be locked up FOR GOOD.

  180. Manitoba R2Y 0C1
    My prayers are with Tim’s family. What a nightmare they’ve been through! We need to bring back capital punishment and toughen the sentences we do have for crimes. So sick of these ridiculous bleeding heart ‘committees’ that decide someone as dangerous as Li should be free to go unsupervised!

  181. Selkirk Manitoba, Canada.

    He should be held criminally responsible mental illness or not, Canada should have a death penalty for stuff like this, or they should send him back to his own country. As well as to have him unsupervised visits?! you serious? not to mention the people of Selkirk where the ‘hospital’ hes in really dont know what he looks like. its absolutely absurd. Something needs to be done, he knows what he did hes as mentally stable as hes going to get now, he should be punished.
    Furthermore, someone who sees vincent li in Selkirk and feel threatened by him, if they were to do anything to vincent li they would be charged. It is completely and utterly unfair.

    My deepest condolences to the family and friends of Tim Mclean.

  182. I can’t believe Vincent Li is allowed day passes. How crazy is that? We are suppose to trust him to take his medication? We are expected to trust that this medication will always work? We are expected to trust Vincent Li????
    What about Justice for Tim and his family? What about the diminished lives of those who loved Tim, and those on the bus that day?
    Changes need to be made now, to protect society from those who are evil.

  183. I just watched True Crimes. Why on earth did the RCMP not shoot Li dead and stop him from continuing to dismember Tim’s body. My heart aches for Tim’s family.

  184. When left unsupervised , going off medication is a given. This cannot happen again. Lock him up… Forever. No one wants this man on the streets. Maybe he could live with his shrink!

  185. This man cannot be released into any community! He committed a horrific crime and is now taking his meds
    and being a good inmate? Does he have remorse for what he did to Tim? How could he live with himself knowing what he did now that he is considered “better”?
    How is this fair to Tim’s family and all the people he has destroyed! He should be in jail for the rest of his life!
    My Uncle was murdered a few years ago and one of his killers is out living his life. I know what it feels like. No one should ever know that kind of pain!
    My prayers go out to all the family and people that were there that sad night. 🙁

  186. Vince Lee should never be allowed to roam free!
    Not just for the publics protection, but for his own!

  187. Lindsay, Ontario…I too have just watched, “True Crimes Canada.” I have read the comments most recently posted and agree with that of a Ms. Barrett’s…In that, if an individual is considered mentally unfit to stand trial, and yet when such a time comes that the Professionals then deem this same individual fit enough for an unsupervised day pass, then that same person should therefore be fit enough to stand trial and be imprisoned for their horrific crime and most definitely NOT allowed an unsupervised day pass…My heart goes out to young Tim’s family and to all the individuals so deeply effected by having witnessed this barbaric crime.

  188. Quite disconcerting that this individual is allowed to walk among us!
    oh really, he is taking his meds???!!!
    Until he decides not to, as there is NO monitoring this.
    I was outraged when I heard he got out, after watching the story, the whole story even more so now. Our law enforcement should be held accountable, would they just sit and watch if it was their child.
    These do-gooders in the country may not have quite the same sick opinion if it was their child. Maybe they should think of that.
    My heartfelt thoughts go out to the McLean family and I so wish you receive compensation for the actions of others.

  189. Ontario, P0M 1L0
    I have just watched True Crime Canada and I am appalled by the way it was handled by RCMP and now the judiciary system. I feel for Tim’s family and the people that witnessed this horrific crime, their lives have been changed forever with the memories of what this monster did. This killer should not be allowed in our society but be locked up for life.

  190. Capital punishment is the only way to go. These head Shrinkers have to try to justify there jobs ,so what better way then to let a murder go free. He will do this again, I hope it not my son. My heart go’s out to his family

  191. Bless you Tim.

    If the Doctors would like to have individuals
    returned into the main stream like this have them
    put there licence on the line .

    There is no way of knowing if this sick man
    will crash or not and do the same.

    So doctors would you put your licence on the line ?
    If another crime is committed by individuals that you
    say are “FIXED” would you sign ?

    My bet is ” NO” not a chance you would sign
    a day pass . You would not be able to continue
    Your practice.
    Think about this “TIM’s LAW” let’s fix it and make it
    right .
    It could be you or I next time this individual goes off.
    Lock them up !

  192. This loss is tragic for tue family and the people.on that bus. Then to let this man go a day pass with no one watching him is just wrong in everyway. There should be a death penalty for matters such as this. It was pure evil.

  193. What a disgrace.. the justice system… and the RCMP should be accountable for theyre actions. Why in Gods name did they just stand around for 4 hours and do nothing? And to the family… may God heal youre hearts.. Bless all of you.. and youre son is a angel looking down on you… St. Catharines. Ontario

  194. Thorold, Ontario. L2V4M2

    It is insane that this guy wasn’t shot while still on that bus, while the police just stood there, and did nothing.
    I’m so very sorry that you are being put through this. It’s just so wrong.

  195. I agree with the amendment to the law, however as an additional step, once the persons treatment is considered successful, they should then be held criminally responsible and transferred to prison.

  196. Human dignity belongs to Tim but not to monsters. Monsters do not change criminally insane or not.

  197. This is wrong that inhuman wild dog should have been shot wright there along side the road . I think that the assholes that say he is a good person is very disturbing . This is wrong people VERY WRONG !

  198. Sudbury Ontario
    P3A 2Y9
    capital punishment should be reinstated in this country. How does one rehabilitate from such a crime. And is there someone with him 24|7 to make sure he takes his meds……… guess is no. He should be held responsible and put to death!!!

  199. I believe it is time in this country to relinquish our reliance on psychiatrists and their testimony in support of dangerous offenders receiving special privileges and a pass on murder. I was particularly disgusted by the malfeasance of the RCMP and the bus driver who stood around doing nothing to intervene. If Mr. Li was so broken up about what he had done in retrospect and wanted to die, why didn’t he do everyone a favour and commit suicide?

    My support for Tim’s Law and my condolences to his family

    L4M 2G9

  200. Oakville, Ontario L6L 2T3
    This killer should be kept away from our society. He is guilty of taking a life and should not be let back into society under any circumstances!!!!! Especially if if he is considered mentally ill. He should never be free. Mental illness is no excuse. Rest in peace sweet boy Tim McLean. Xxxooo

  201. Oakville, Ontario L6L 2T3
    This killer should be kept away from our society. He is guilty of taking a life and should not be let back into society under any circumstances!!!!! Especially if if he is considered mentally ill. He should never be free. Mental illness is no excuse. Rest in peace sweet boy Tim McLean.

  202. Regardless of his mental illness many people were effected by this evil tradgedy even those of us who were not there.He needs to stay locked up for life.

  203. So what happens to me when I loose control upon seeing him???
    I end up in jail for beating him out of anger?
    I too will loose the ability to control myself.
    Will this be recognized in court??
    Totally unbelievable!!!
    What happens when he’s on his own?
    It happens time and time again.
    They feel better and quit taking their meds.

  204. Barrie,Ontario L4N 7A4

    God Bless your Soul Tim! God Bless your family and everyone on that bus. The JERK (I do not want to use his name) that took your life should NEVER EVER be free again! He turned down help and therefore should be held RESPONSIBLE for his TERRIBLE CRIME!

  205. Quebec J7V 0G1

    The report on CBC said Vincent Li needs medication to remain “normal”. (And this doesn’t even guarantee that he won’t be violent.) how can the system allow him to roam free for any amount of time? And the RCMP’s performance at the crime scene leaves a lot to be desired. Shameful actually.

    My sincere condolences and sympathies go out to Tim’s family and friends.

  206. I just watched the show True Crime for the second time and am horrified by the actions of the RCMP and I’m wondering why they didn’t “take Li out” He should never be released into society.
    Always remembered Tim, R.I.P.

  207. When you commit such a brutal murder you should not get off scot free.

    Windsor, Ontario

    N8S 4J9

  208. Annette mallet
    koe 1ko

    my condolences to the family and friends of tim, my heart goes out to you

  209. Andrea Walker
    Ontario, L6M 5E4
    this is ridiculous – people who murder others – regardless of mental state – do not deserve rights – What right does Tim have?

  210. Need this law as soon as possible. People like Vincent Li are a risk to society at all times and need to be in a contained environment at ALL times. They are too large a risk to humanity to roam our streets. Lock them up for life – not 25 years, but till their natural life – for their safety and the safety of society.

  211. Brampton, On, L6R1N8

    There is no rehabilitation for violent offenders! Plain and simple, once a medical professional deems them “sane” place them in jail for the rest of their lives. In Tim’s case, his killer wanted a death sentence, we should give him one!!! And on a side note, unclear what RCMP where doing just “standing there” but there needs to be justice for the victim. Tim deserved better from all of us, and I feel as sick today as I did back then!

  212. What a disgrace.. the justice system… and the RCMP should be accountable for theyre actions. Why in Gods name did they just stand around for 4 hours and do nothing? And to the family… may God heal youre hearts.. Bless all ofvyou.. and youre son is a angel looking down on you…

  213. I was sickened when I first heard of this autocracy and am further horrified with the decision of the land to actually permit persons like Vincent to mingle amongst the innocent public.
    My condolences to the McLean family, God bless

  214. Saskatoon,Sask. S7H 1R1

    People must be held responsible for their actions, mental illness or not!

  215. I just seen this story on CBC tonight,doing a coverage on this story,during what happen on that sad night during 2008.Alot of lives has been affected by this animal as I will refer to Vincent Li. This animal,does not belong in society….He belongs behind bars!!!! No matter what his condition was proven to be…If you commit a crime, you should do time…..Condolences going out to Tim`s family and friends

  216. I just watched True Crime Canada on Tim. Vince needs to put away for life, or give him his wish with a death sentence!! Not criminally responsible my ass. His ‘voices’ were an excuse. If it were that easy, everyone who killed someone could say that! And as for the RCMP…. Wow……

  217. Gina Hirney
    Grande Pointe Manitoba R5A 1G5

    This law is essential to public safety and morality of society

  218. I was horrified by what happened to your son. The fact that the “man” who perpetrated this crime basically walked away with a prescription and some therapy is disgusting. I work in a field that those who know better can get away with , although knowing better, everything including murder. There needs to be a definitive policy for violent persons be they so called normal or so called “mentally ill or challenged”.. I hope that you can find peace someday as I hope the laws will respect the safety of society.

  219. I am so not cool with this!!! I don’t care how “perfect” he acts in the institution, his crime is unforgiveable. No way should he be allowed to enjoy anything in life, but most of all freedom!! Tim doesn’t get to do that anymore, that was taken from him by this disgusting crime. I’m ashamed of the criminal so called justice in this country. Completely ashamed.

  220. What I would like to know is that he is declared ” not criminally responsible” and needed medication and treatment so he could understand the ramifications of his actions. So if now he is “cured” why isn’t he held criminally responsible and sent straight to prison? He should now understand why and understand the consequences of his actions if he is cured, no? This bleeding heart socialist response to such horrific crimes in our country is disgusting. Where do the lawmakers of this country show consideration for the rights of the victims? Truly a travesty to see this individual walking free after such little time.

  221. The victim will never walk the streets in freedom anymore. Why should the perpetrator of this crime be allowed to?

  222. He shouldn’t be let out on unscheduled
    trips into the public, he committed the crime
    now he should do the time!!

  223. As a child I have first hand experience of living with a schizophrenic father. A non violent one but paranoid non the less. They do feel better with there meds then decide to stop taking their meds the voices dont stop telling them that we are the crazy ones. I wanted and my family wanted nothing but for dad to get better that never happened . The government agencies in place couldn’t help us unless he hurt us. He was baited by many who loved him to hit them or hurt them in any way so they could get him help. He still wouldnt hurt anyone. This poor young man paid the pricefor this system my childhood paid the price. NOW THIS MOM has to go through life without her son, for what. So he may have these rights. This was a crime sick or not my father as sick as he was would never have done this to anyone these drs who decide that this man can walk the streets again, how would they feel if this was done again to someone they loved. What law will protect our children.

  224. Do not let the sicko out he needs to go to jail for what he did you never know if it will happen to someone else so put the sick pig where he needs to go and that is to jail

  225. Alberta, T1B 1J3 Keep him locked up….. Tim can no longer walk the streets freely why should Vince be able too.

  226. Killing anyone is murder! We Canadians have been way to lenient regarding “Not criminally responsible”; we need to get this law passed immediately. Anyone currently and in the past found “not criminally responsible” should retroactively have their sentence changed to adhere to Tim’s Law. Let their’ family bear the burden of trying to “prove” they are rehabilitated instead of the Canadians this law is meant to protect! I have a cousin with schizophrenia and she has gone off her medication voluntarily many times. It seems to be a cycle. She feels so good so she decides she doesn’t need medication. She hits rock bottom, the family steps in and she’s back on medication. She feels so good so she decides she doesn’t need medication. You get the picture it’s a vicious cycle but thank God she has not killed anyone while off her medication. I feel this is a common situation with mental disorders. I agree wholeheartedly that if someone has taken another’s life while in the throes of a mental disorder; they will offend again it is just a matter of time. Alberta T6E 6N2

  227. I believe that we can treat seriously mentally ill individuals with compassion without EVER releasing them back into society. Tim and his family have to come first, and the rest of us second. It is impossible to believe that people capable of such hideous violence can ever be trusted again.

  228. I don’t believe our justice system is hard enough on the people who commit crimes, mental health or not wrong is wrong and should be treated as the crime it was. If he is now well enough to know right from wrong he should now realize what was done and pay for what he did. It is sad that this poor young man lost his life and will never be brought back to continue with his life so why should this man be given a chance to a freedom again. That does not make sense to me and tim’s law has my full support. condolence’s to the maclean family my heart is with you. I know what it is like to lose someone close to my heart and see the man responsible let out on a technicality. Best of luck to you

  229. You have my support and love i hsve two much loved sons i cannot imagine loosing. Mentally ill people who commit henious crimes should be locked up and treated till they die..away from the public.

  230. I am deeply touched by your loss i have 2 much loved sons and csnnot imagine the pain and suffering you aregoing hsve my support and love to send your way..god be eith you.

  231. to the mother of Tim Mclean – my heart goes out to you as I have only recently read about the tragedy of your son’s death – my mother frequently travels with Greyhound bus lines – I cannot even fathom the sorrow and anguish you must have felt to lose your precious son this way – I am sickened and disgusted that the man responsible for your son’s death is still alive today – only the Lord above can truly judge his soul and works of this earth but I am so saddened about this story – please feel free to contact me at any time if you ever need a shoulder to cry on – my heart is broken for you and I will do anything in this world to help you – sincerely Suzanne Roesel

  232. This law is not about punishing the mentally ill whose diseases have manifested themselves in violent crimes. This law is about ensuring that the broader public is safe and even more importantly that the sufferers of mental illnesses, particularly schizophrenia, receive long-term care and follow up. Clearly, health interventions thus far have done little to prevent such crimes from taking place because they are inadequate and too brief. We need more mental health services, not closures of mental health wings in emergency rooms. I cannot speak for Carol but for me the most difficult thing to swallow about Tim’s death is that there were several opportunities to help Mr. Li before he ever came into contact with her son. As a society, we failed Mr. Li and the cost of that failure was an innocent young man’s life. This is unacceptable in one of the wealthiest and well educated countries in the world. British Columbia, V5R 5N8

  233. We should be protective of our tax-paying, hard-working citizens that are the back bone of our country; releasing ‘not criminally responsible’ individuals that have committed heinous crimes is irresponsible. Our society has come a long way from the days of ‘Bedlam” but we’ve swung the pendulum too far to the left It’s time to be realistic now and stop expecting our communities to play Russian roulette with people such as Vincent Li. Consider us!

  234. I’m so sorry you even have to enact a las like this, healing thoughts with you all. 🙁

  235. keep him locked up in a secure locked ward in a room by himself where he is not around other people. he is a danger to us all and he should not be allowed to put other people (in Selkirk and Winnipeg and other communities) in danger. I live in Winnipeg and now I have to fear that this psychopath can be near me. I wish Canada had capital punishment so that he could be punished they way he should be.

    1. Trina Wamboldt
      Kamloops, BC
      v2B 8r1

      Vincent Li walking our streets is not okay. Not ever. It does not matter why he did what he did. He did it once and he could do it again. Those who decide to let him out should be held CRIMINALLY RESPONSIBLE if he efer reoffends. Day passes are NOT ok.

  236. Here we go again. Multiple stabbings and mass attempted murderer in Fredericton was just given NCR verdict. Another NCR likely verdict is coming in the future in Alberta but this one will be biggest slap in the face of Canadians yet. Mass murder will now be accepted as NCR and mass murderers added to the list eligible to receive get out of jail free cards and no criminal records .Mass murderer’s back out in the community after aprox 5 years. What an achievement that will be for the social prosecutors and psychiatrists of Canada. Pedophiles and Pedophile murderers must be starting to get hope as they watch the eligible
    list of NCR get bigger every day

    1. Luke ,the jails are full of pedophiles and murderers who are dreaming for the day they will be covered under NCR. They are probably under the old system and are not eligible yet but give it time and our legal system will see that their rights are looked after.Just think of the upcoming boom in the psychiatry profession. They will probably have to water down the program to enable enough people to graduate to meet the demand. Probably will be like in the Canadian hospitals where the nurses are being replaced by LPN’s and PCW’s. I believe the boards that decide when these nut jobs are back out in the street are only made up of 1 psychiatrist and 1 lawyer and common lay person so if the Universities start ramping up their psychiatry programs now the demand may be able to be met. Also in Canada you can murder as many people as you want and all the charges run concurrent which means that its the same penalty for mass murder as single murder if you can’t get on the NCR train. If you murder when your young and can’t get on the NCR train you will probably get out with good behavior in less than 15 years. Your best shot at murdering people and walking the streets in 5 years is NCR and is now common knowledge in the general population as well as the criminal community

  237. Very very tragic. There is no way that Vincent Li should be free to roam the streets, and I have heard that he will likely get this chance. He should be locked up forever as he is a real danger to society whether he knew what he was doing or not.

    1. vince li was granted full-day(9am-9pm) unescorted passes into the community at the end of February and in fact has just as much right to be on my beach this summer as I do. I’m Timothy’s Mom,and I’m not happy about this

  238. This Question is for any of you lawyers or lawyer wantabe’s and any mind reading doctors who are promoting or agree that these murdering nut cases should be let out at our risk:
    If one of these killers that you let out once your part of the legal NCR enablers team, starts hearing the same voices again that he heard when he murdered his last victim, and he or she gets you or your family locked into his mind in another manic episode, do you think your law degree and charter of rights will still mean so much as you or your family become murder 2,3 or 4?If you survive but your family doesn’t will you recommend NCR again for same murderer so he can have a third crack at murder or will you tear up your law degree and the charter of rights and freedoms in front of your families graves?

    1. These bleeding heart scumbags and politicians who created a system where the rights of murdering nut cases trump the rights of the law abiding general public have made this country a joke. Start charging anyone involved with the release of these nutcases with accessory to murder or whatever crimes they commit in the future and I think you will find the get out of jail free cards would stop quickly. Once you commit 1st degree murder you should be hung regardless of mental issues or not. I would not be surprised the way that this country and its politicians are ruining this country at a fast pace, is the next thing you hear is that these bleeding heart scumbags will be drafting up hate laws so people who move their family away from these nut cases after their back among us can be charged with hate crimes. These murders will have no criminal record so unless you do your research in old newspapers or on the internet you will not know that these murders are next door and only a couple of missed pills away from killing you or your family .This country and its laws are a Disgrace and a slap in the face of all its law abiding citizens and especially the families of people murdered or harmed by these sick 1 pill away murdering nut cases.

  239. If we keep allowing people to claim that they diagnosed with a mental illness there will be more murderers roaming the streets when they should be behind bars, or detained

    Toronto, Ontario

    M2J 4T4

  240. T2T 0H8

    This is a true tragedy for justice. Antipsychotic medications can have terrible consequences, and we live in a very undereducated and manipulated society that depends on toxic chemicals instead of justice. I hope the law is changed to keep society safe.

    If he was truly unaware of what he did that makes him more dangerous, not less, to society. Schizophrenia itself is a catch all, made up condition that is not testable.

    Those of you who suggest punishment don’t see the point. He should not be punished, he indeed should be treated, all criminals could easily be found to have some mental issues, otherwise why would they commit crime? He should still be kept away from society, prisons should focus on rehabilitation for all criminals. Punishment breeds resentment, violence and anger.

    My heart goes out to Tim’s mother.

  241. This is absolutely unacceptable. Li should be executed, or better yet, have done to him what he did to Tim. This is an embarrassment to the Canadian Legal System. The Canadian Government needs to step up and protect our citizens, and stop this insanity. Vince Li is a cold blooded murderer, and should NEVER EVER be left unsupervised!
    Thoughts and prayers go out to Tim’s family, may he rest in peace.

  242. NCR had to be changed and keep people like this in a facility for life. NCR needs to ensure the safety of the public so that nothing ever happens again to innocent victims like Tim again. It could have happened to anyone, what happened to Tim! We need people like Vincent Li, locked up for life to prevent it totally from taking place again.

  243. Signing this petition gives me great pride in our system..spread the word to sign..
    London, Ontario
    N5v 2k2

  244. Just saw Carol’s speech to the senate (early March 2014). Carol you are a strong, courageous, well spoken woman. I support Tim’s Law and I hope the Justice system hears your (and our -via this petition) plea and makes the changes that you have recommended. I find it hard that the Review Board does not make Li accountable for the murder but yet will make him accountable to take meds when he is out. As you mentioned…statistics prove that these types of patients do not take their meds regularly. Stay strong Carol (& family).

  245. Vincent Li should be locked up and supervised at all times and even restrained because he is totally unaware of what he has done which is murder. He must never be let out into society as he is extremely dangerous and anyone next to him is putting theirselves at risk. HE must be restrained at all times and never be allowed out alone as he is a danger to everyone he comes in contact with unquestionably. It is irresponsible to let a person out who has committed this murder. The public must continually demand that Vincent Li be locked up indefinitely. He may be unaware of his horrific actions but we are not. It is a crime to let him walk the streets and know he is so predictable and this can happen again. Keep Vincent Li locked up and supervised at all times.

  246. My heart breaks for Carol ( Tim’s Mom) and family having to live without Tim, and now to know that the man responsible is to be allowed freedom to roam is disgusting to me. What do we have to do in this country to get the criminally insane locked up for everyone’s safety?

  247. I totally agree with changing the law and making them responsiable for their actions,I hope by me adding my name to the petition it helps you all in making the bill pass.

  248. I am amazed with our judicial system. Murder is murder, just because some one is mentally insane they only get a slap on the wrist and are told to take their medication. I think if you murder someone that should automatically be 25 to life. Canada also needs the death penalty.

  249. My unconditional condolences to Tim’s family. Vincent Li’s freedom is NOT worth risking another human being’s life.

  250. My husband and I are still stunned beyond words at what Li has done. This is all the more disgusting as his immediate family and members of his church all knew he was sick and needed help. Someone, anyone, his wife, his pastor, his friend, could have gotten him committed under the Mental Health Act, but no one did a thing. His family especially carry the can of guilt by standing idly by knowing he was hearing voices, not taking meds. not under any supervision.
    How do they look at their sorry faces in the mirror? Vince Li should
    NEVER be allowed out unescorted. He should either be tied to a tree with a short rope, or, better yet, sent back to China in criminal garb so they can pick up the huge financial tab for what will be continued long term care and housing for this maniac. The recent decision, championed by psychiatrist Dr. Stephen Kremer, to let Li roam all over Winnipeg-area communities is incredibly disrespectful and callous toward the McLean family. Did this Criminal Review Board, especially Dr. Kremer, give one thought to the suffering of Tim’s friends and family? Not bad enough that this innocent young man was murdered in what should have been a safe place, but he was butchered, the horrific act like something out of the worst horror movie.

    We send our thoughts of greatest sympathy, prayers for strength, and outrage on behalf of Tim and his family for how the system continues to enshrine the rights of the killer as a higher priority than the rights of the innocents, Tim McLean and his family and friends.

    Dave and Jean Ledgerwood
    Mission, BC V2V 6J6

    1. You may blame Pierre Trudeau for giving us this sorry excuse for justice. By changing the criminal code of Canada, he put the full weight of the “so called” justice system behind the offender, instead of the victim. He believed that even the most evil have a chance at rehabilitation, and they should be given every opportunity to live amongst us and wreck havoc. He set up the parole and review boards to be nothing but a lucrative, patronage appointment for the friends and toadies of whatever government happens to be in power. It seems the Liberal and Conservative parties don’t give a damn for the people they should care about.

      V7a2x3. British Columbia

  251. I am shocked!!! Unbelievable! People who shot someone out of self defense gets 30 years in prision, and this guy can roam free?

    I will always think of Tim’s family and friends, i cannot imagine the horror they must go through each day. Wish i could give you all a hug.

    Johann van Staden

  252. I have been watching this case for years, and have been praying for Tim’s mother and family even though I have never met them. When I heard on the radio last week that this murderer was to be granted unsupervised freedom, I yelled aloud in the car as I was driving. I wish it was possible that this doctor who granted this could have been made to walk through the crime scene before making this decision. My heart wholeheartedly goes out to the McLean family, to anyone else on that greyhound bus that tragic day, and to all who wish for a day when we can sit on a bus and not worry that the person beside us will kill us before we reach our destination. God, help us…break confusion and speak wisdom into the minds and hearts of our leaders..

  253. If the doctor, Steven Kremer feels so confident in Vince Li.s recovery offer to allow him to live in your house with your family! I suggest Vince be made to babysit the good doctors children in exchange for room and board!!

    St Andrews Mb

  254. If the doctor, Steven Kremer feels so confident in Vince Li.s recovery offer to allow him to live in your house with your family! I suggest Vince be made to babysit the good doctors children in exchange for room and board!!

  255. By no means this man can be free. He is dangerous. There is no guarantee that he never does it again in the future despite of doctors say. Many people have the same disease but do not do such horrible crime.

  256. amend it to add any immigrant convicted of a criminal code offence within 10 years of entering Canada be immediately deported

  257. Bc v9z1k9.
    Lock him up and lose the key. People who are that dangerous should not be aloud out. Change the law.

  258. I find this is just insane that this man was not put in jail for life, even though I believe in the death penalty for a person that is 100% guilty of murder, I feel that a person just needs to say they were insane when they did this act. They will then be provided with food, shelter, no bills to pay, no worries and we the citizens will pay for this. We must be crazy!! I feel not only did we let Timothy down but we have also let his family down. I pray that these laws change and we bring back the death penalty to murderers, crazy or insane or whatever you may call it. Timothy can not be brought back but we can keep him alive in our hearts and souls knowing that his mom fought for him and stopped this person from ever doing this again.

  259. Young life taken out of an ill man. Its horrible if he is better now let seek justice for our young people.

  260. U mean to tell me there isn’t a minimum sentence for this?!! GET ON IT!!! THAT’S JUST PLAIN STOOPID!

  261. I understand that this is a disease that he has,however he has been hospitalized twice before and still went off his meds again resulting in this horrible tragedy. He has no family/friend support here so who is going to guarantee he will stay on his meds when released?? He chose to go off them before knowing what can happen with his disease and with that in mind how are they not considering this when evaluating him? They are saying he should not be held accountable for his actions but with his history of going off meds before there should be some accountability.

  262. People with mental health issues are as much a danger to themselves as they are to the general public when they are untreated and left to fend for themselves.

  263. R2X 0L9 Manitoba I think when a person does so a heinous crime, whether they are found not criminally responsible, does not negate the need for incarceration and no outside visits in the community.

  264. Winnipeg, MB
    R2Y 0A9

    I understand that mental illnesses can cause people to do things they normally would not do. But, when those things include posing such an extreme danger to the general public, or taking lives, that person needs constant supervision to ensure they do not stop taking their medication or show signs of relapse. Although Li shows no signs of aggression or being a danger now, does not mean that he wont later if he stops taking his medication or has to deal with the daily stresses of everyday society. The system isn’t only failing Tim McLean if they release him, but Li too. He needs ongoing medical care.

  265. Tim will never be able to wander free….if this man is apparently fine now then put him in jail for the crime he commited! This is disgusting, that a human life means so little. That man should never see daylight.

  266. I absolutely support this law…. some how is capable of doing something that horrible should never be alound to be out on his own! What about the safety of the children and residence of Selkirk!?!

  267. He shouldn’t be allowed back out on the streets! If he is fine now then he should be charged with murder! This is so stupid… I am disgusted with our system!!

    Selkirk MB. R1A 2G5

  268. Until healthcare and the legal system have a way to protect everyone the chances for reoffending is too high to take the chance.To do that they have to understand what they are talking about. People who need help can’t find it, so what guarantee do the public have the people making these decisions are going to be able to provide the supports needed to make this successful for all?

  269. In my opinion, now that he is “mentally capable” of standing trial for the crimes he commited. He should!! I understand (but not agree) that he was not capable to stand trial at the time of the incident but now that he is. A true trial should begin and he should be held accountable for what HE did. That is true justice and this case should should be held as an example for all future horrific events. DO NOT let anyone get away with murder. Mental illness should not be an acceptable excuse for any crime committed, especially murder.

  270. Disgusting how this sorry excuse for a man gets away w murder and cannibalism. Were is the justice for Tim!? What about his friends and family? This man is now ok? Put him back on the stand and throw the book at him….. I believe in the death penalty and he needs it! He hasn’t suffered and got away with a horrific crime. The public s endanger and someone will take him out…. Only that poor sod will have the book thrown at him when he actually provided the justice the family deserves. The courts have failed again!!!!

  271. Time to stop this madness! The people that WE vote into power MUST listen to us. While we can’t take Vince Li’s life, we can and should take his freedom. Not Criminally Responsible?? We all deserve the right to be safe. If the lawmakers can’t protect us, maybe we should vote them out of office! My deepest condolences and prayers for you Carol. A Mother’s Love knows no boundaries, on earth or in heaven.

  272. Like this family hasn’t lost enough already!! Reading how the man that brutally killed their son is a “model ” patient and safe to be in the community!! I say let him live in the good old doctors house , and let him roam around his community of he’s sooooo safe !! Pathetic !! And the first time he’s non compliant with his meds!!! Then what doc?? This is wrong on so many levels and pisses me off to no end !!

  273. Saskatchewan
    S4R 1L5

    The government needs to start worrying about the victims and their families and stop catering to the criminals!

  274. Murder is Murder and to be considered Not Criminally Responsible on Account of a Mental Disorder is not a justifiable reason to allow someone who has done such a gruesome crime to be able to walk free among society. The Mental facility considers him to be rehabilitated, but, where is the justice for Tim and his family?? There is no justice. And, what happens in time when he is released to be able to walk free among society, that he forgets or refuses to take his medication? Who is going to be held responsible then? If he is rehabilitated like the Mental Health Board feels he is, then he should go to prison for the rest of his natural life.

  275. Tim needs justice. We need this law so that nobody else goes through what Tim did. His family has been suffering since. They need to keep Vince Li locked up. This man will re-offend again.

  276. There are simply natural consequences to behaviours. and choices. ie. not taking meds. The result consequentially is that he cannot be allowed back into the general population. So many people’s lives have been forever changed that day, and I am sure are still suffering the results. It is not about deserving .. it is about protecting.. the innocent .. from the unknowns of what we already know of this illness if not kept in an environment when he is under close supervision at all times.

  277. Alberta
    T3K 3A4

    Murder is murder and he should be doing life for this horrendous crime. He committed the act and he will do it again if he isn’t on his meds. Who is going to monitor to make sure he is taking them? Sad to think that something so horrible could happen again all because our justice system fails to protect the victims. So sad.

  278. People with mental illness are known to stop taking their meds because they think they are better.Are you willing to risk him doing this to someone else?

  279. Murder is Murder and NCR is not a valid excuse to not be charged with it!

    Spruce Grove
    T7X 0K2

  280. Manitoba R0C 2Z0

    There are too many unpredictables – did he take his meds, will he have an episode etc… – to have Vince Li out all by himself. Why does he deserve freedom anyway?

  281. He should be put away In a real jail and not let out ever !! Sick bastard !! Mental illness or not he did the crime he should pay for it

  282. Its unfortunate tha Vince Li ., has to be locked up. But he is dangerous. What says he cant do this again.

  283. Keep him locked up .He is a murderer & a cannibal. there are many people in jail for lesser charges & are not allowed unescorted tours.Lock him up or send him back to where he came from ,see what they would do with the animal he is,

  284. It’s a fact that a lot of mentally ill people will stop taking their powerful anti-psychotic medications, for various reasons. Mr. Li will stop and the public will be at risk of being killed and eaten. Shame on Canada

  285. I fully support Tim’s Law. This family has suffered too much already. Tim’s life ended much too young an needlessly. Why is his murderer being set free to do as he pleases? A very scary thought.

    R0H 0N0

  286. This man chose to go off his medication. His mental illness was not a new diagnosis. The fact remains he is a murderer and should have to serve a life sentence. He should never be allowed to roam free.

  287. If this man is considered well enough for unsupervised visits he should be well enough to stand trial. This was not a new diagnosis for Vince Li and he chose to not take his medication. He is a murderer none the less and should not be allowed out for life

  288. This should not be allowed. He is obviously not a stable person and people on the streets are not safe with him out and about.

  289. Any person who is criminally insane for the reason he was should never be allowed out in free public again, because while in hospital he takes his medication, but when out who is to remind him when he forgets. Then what will happen the next time.

    Lorna Ontario N0G 1L0

  290. I only hope that this law goes in place and is retroactive to include previous offenders and any freedoms that have been given to these offenders are re-evaluated and tighter restrictions apply to them as well.

  291. Im sorry for your loss and I do strongly believe that justice isn’t serve with him lose

  292. as Tim’s mom said “he CONCEALED the weapon…” if you are concealing a weapon, you know what you are about to do with that weapon is wrong and therefore premeditated and according to the law, isn’t premeditation, followed by the act of murder, MURDER IN THE 1ST DEGREE????? Life? No – HE SHOULD GET THE CHAIR. Why should my tax dollars (and hard earned at that) pay to keep Vince Li alive??????

  293. just to make sure every one knows that I am signing the petition with this comment section. Daneen Thompson California United States 95423 please amend this criminal code!!

  294. I was horrified to hear that Vincent Li will not have to do any jail time for his crime. My son knew Tim McLean. We support Tim’s Law

  295. Another supporter. There is no way anyone can assure this may not happen again if Li is off his medication or becomes seriously delusional again without constant supervision. My heart goes out to your family in so many ways.

  296. The safety of our community is a far bigger issue than this one mans supposed “freedom”. The only freedom his release will achieve is the freedom for this man to once again break away from treatments and potentially hurt or kill another person. Even with regular check ins and testing, the responsibility of keeping on track and administering his medication, reporting in for said check ins and testing, is left to him, to which he has already proved incapable, which ended up costing a life. Releasing someone with his degree of mental illness is quite possible one of the most irresponsible decisions our justice system can possibly make. This man clearly needs help, and cannot be trusted to maintain that help on his own. It wouldn’t be in his best interest, and is cruel to be putting a sick man in such a position simply to prove a point. Mental illness does need more awareness, but releasing this man is not going to prove anything other than a crippled and flawed system.

  297. I completely support Tim’s law, the fact that they even consider giving this man and other mentally ill killers a second chance at a normal life astounds me. What kind of a world do we live in where we forget the victims and feel bad for their murderers? This needs to change. Elie, MB R0H0H0

  298. I fully support Tim’s Law. It’s time to stop victimizing this family over and over again. it’s time people stop thinking and treating The offender as a victim. If he were truly sorry he would be asking to remain locked up, not for freedom.

  299. I support Tim’s Law. Please let’s not forget that this young man did NOTHING to deserve the horrible, unfathomable things that Li did to him. Doctor’s can say all they want that Li knows he was wrong and that he knows he needs to take his meds, but it is well known that persons with pschizophrenia often go off of their medication. I can’t understand why this man is being given a second chance when Tim will never be granted the same. Murder is murder is murder. If he is well enough now for unescorted trips, he is well enough to stand trial. We cannot keep allowing murderers the chance of freedom because they had a momentary lapse of sanity. The best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour.
    RIP TIM.

  300. March 2/2014
    I do not believe Vince Li should have any privileges. Actually because he is mentally ill he should be under extra supervision because he is apparently not accountable for his actions. Therefore he could inflict more damage to innocent people. If he happens to offend again, who will take responsibility for his actions? The Drs. that say he’s “Better”
    I support Tim’s Law

  301. I support my friend and his family!, Vincent li should not have a freedom right and be locked up for the rest of his life. Don’t let him OUT!

  302. I support Tim’s Law.. Vincent Li should never be free!

    Donna Dauphinais

  303. Vince Li must NEVER be released !!!!!!!!!!
    Why did the police not shoot him when he was inside the bus and did not react to their demands to stop mutilating Tim? Usually, they are so fast shooting down people for no reason – WHY NOT BACK THEN ?!

    If Li kills again – I hope it will be one of the “right” ones, namely those that molly-coddle this calculating monster !

  304. My whole family is opposed to Vince Li ever being allowed out of the locked compound and thus support TIM’S LAW.

  305. I support Tim’s Law and I would go further, amend the Canadian Criminal Code to keep NCR offenders in a mental institution for the rest of their natural life. Since Vince Lee will not have anyone to manage his meds, he remains at risk. How many people does he need to kill before he is stopped? One is too many!

    Vancouver Island, BC
    V0R 1G0

  306. I am in full support of Tim’s Law! An individual, such as Vince Li who commits such a horrendous act should NEVER EVER be allowed any type of freedom. Keep him locked up for the peace and mind of Canadians everywhere! It is well known that unlawful actions are frequently repeated by offenders, that is why the police always look for prior record(s)of an accused.

  307. I support Tim’s Law. I do not want to be in a five mile radius of Vince Li if he is not escorted. He should be locked upand never be free.