Cure For Criminal Insanity

Cure for criminal insanity discovered!!!
Friday, March 6th, 2009

We must assume that such a cure has been found.

Vince Li (the nut who decapitated an innocent passenger on a bus) was found to be not criminally responsible for his act due to insanity the other day. It is hardly unexpected that Li was determined to be a lunatic. A person does not exactly need their doctorate in psychology in order to conclude that Vince Li was crazy. Of course, how many people who commit murder have all of their marbles rolling around correctly anyway?

I do not believe in a vengeful justice system. As horrific as the murder that Li committed was, I am not one of those calling for his execution or a lifetime of daily torture in a deep hole. What I do believe though is that the protection of the public must be paramount!

While some people are expressing shock and rage with Li’s being found not responsible, the usual hug-a-thug crowd is quick to come in and point out that Li will likely never be released back into the public. That would indeed be comforting if indeed there was any reason to believe it. Unfortunately that is nowhere near the truth in Canada’s “justice” system.

The media did not need to dig too deeply to find a local example of an insane murder released among us with a paltry amount of time served in a nuthouse.
Steven Gaeten Lee (the clearly remorseful man pictured above) murdered Steven Tavares in a Kananaskis hotel room in 2004. Tavares’ body was found to be viciously perforated by 28 stab wounds.

Well, Lee was found to be not criminally responsible due to being insane. We were assured that he would be in an institution for a very long time.

Steven Gaeten Lee was released last May!

Perhaps I am being simplistic, but would it not take a little more than three years to confidently “cure” a man who is capable of committing such an act?

We must assume that he has been cured. The institution would never have released him otherwise right? I must have missed the headlines when this cure for insanity was discovered. Criminal insanity has plagued humanity for centuries, one would think that the cure for such a condition would have been trumpeted far and wide. Sorry folks, there is no way that a person who can commit acts as Li and Lee did could ever be considered safe and stable.

Obsessive compulsive disorders take years of treatment to bring under control (they are never cured), how the hell is murderous rampaging exactly cured?

Li is a young man and we can rest assured that his crazy and dangerous ass will be walking Canada’s streets again.

The benefit of the doubt is given to these killers far too often and the public is paying the price. Just ask the families of the victims that Gingras killed when on a three day rampage after being released from an Edmonton institution.

The safety of the public must come before giving the benefit of the doubt to these nuts.

13 thoughts on “Cure For Criminal Insanity”

  1. To release this man he must be cured and not thought to be cured.

    Everything from cannibal movies, drugs, alcohol and even being provoke is available to people out there.

    I know I would not want to be in the room after he watches a few cannibal movies, takes some drugs and gets provoked. The reason is in my opinion he would relapse.

    I hope they keep Li away from public places where many innocent people walk and children play.

    Many people go missing every year and Li has the ability to murder. Makes me ponder what he has done prior to getting caught.

    My prayer goes out to all victims of violence.

  2. JMO but there is no cure for criminal insanity. He he was found to be NCR then he will never be able to be returned to society as he is an even higher risk to reoffend than others as he does not see his actions as being wrong.

    NCR should equal a life sentence in a maximum security mental hospital.

    Tim did not deserve to be killed at all, never mind the way his life was taken.

    In my beliefs, it was his time to leave this earth or he would not have died. Had it not been Li, it could have been anything – even a “natural” cause of death.

    My thoughts and prayers and with his family.

  3. No matter what, if ANY HUMAN BEING kills another; that human being should be either in prison till their last breath or ship them off to USA to sit on the electric chair! Tim did NOT deserve to be killed like he was, he was innocent until some un human came along and tortured him to death… he should be in hell.

  4. This whole case is despicably disgusting, undeserving, and so inapropriate on so many levels that I get a sick feeling in my stomach every time I hear about this poor man and how none of the cowards on that bus wanted to help. If people rely on the goverment so much in Canada then unfortunatly the canadian goverment has a full moral responsibility to help protect innocent and trained-to-be-harmless people. Deterrence, whether on a great or small scale is an inevitable factor needed in our modern society and in and for every part of the world.

  5. I am so sorry about the death by murder of this young man.

    Vince Li is demonically possessed. He needs a exorcist, not drugs which just suppress the demonic activity within him. The strength of this demon or demons have increased to the point that some drugs can not longer supress them, that is why they can have episodes even while medicated.

    If the demon or demons can be exorcised, the man can be repossessed if he is not solid in faith and belief of Jesus Christ.

    It has also been discovered that some possessions have gotten so use to having the demons within, that they will resist the exorcism to hang on to the demons.

    Most mental cases are demonically possessed. Most are on drugs all their lives which just suppress the demons, never “curing” the patient.

    Please, look into this further at the website listed.

    Then you may have more peace and understanding why your son was so brutally murdered.

    God Bless.

  6. I was listening to Tim’s mom today on the Alex Jones show, my and my family’s prayers are with you and your famiy. The idea that this monster will be back out on the streets is ridiculous. I’m a naturalized Canadian citizen from Guyana and I can tell you that this is not my idea of Canadian Justice. What kind of country are we becoming if we can’t preserve the morality of our society? So what if he’s nuts! He NEEDS to be in a MENTAL FACILITY FOR LIFE! This person is NCR (Not Crimially Responsible), when he gets out, AND HE WILL, he’s not going to have a criminal record.

    When he does get out in about 1-5 years, what a joke, he’s going to go before a review board and have intermitent treatment. Far from the level of control that needs to be placed on this individual and individuas like him. Is this what we call justice in Canada?

    I’m all for compassion for the mentally ill but this man is a dangerous murderer. The justice system is going to place him back into the population. Really!? Is that right? Who the F$%k cares is he’s insane, lock him up and throw away the keys, he wouldn’t know the difference. Afterall, he’s crazy.

    What kind of society are we becoming? The victim took a backseat in this case, evidence by the outrageous miscarriage of justice. We should be protecting the right of the public, period. People like this needs to be locked away for a long time, not be placed back in society.

    And for those of you who thinks that this is a harsh response-let me tell you something: I suffered from depression in the past so I’m aware of what it’s like to be afflicted with mental illness.

    As a society we have to be more prudent than this decision. I know that we’re a compassionate bunch of people in this nation but our compassion needs to be with the victims not the criminals.

    You have my support Tim’s family, I will be following your site closely and I will also blast (via phonecalls, emails) my MPP about this issue. This poor family, as if losing a son isn’t enough, they now have to be champions for the public. UNFAIR!

    God bless

  7. Vince Li should NEVER be released from imprisonment. Thank goodness that here in America I am still permitted to exercise my Second Amendment right to carry a concealed weapon. If a Vince Li ever assaulted me with deadly force, the outcome would be very different from what sadly happened to Tim. My heart goes out to the victim and his family.

  8. I have several issues.
    #1 people who are diagnosis paranoid schizophrenic are not always dangerous and in actual fact very very few are.
    #2 people who have mental disorders, like myself, are treated like criminals by the very professionals that are suppose to treat/help us. I was a 35 yr old single parent that had a full time job, owned a house(which was almost paid for), volunteered regularly, and won several awards due to work and volunteer activities.

    Now regarding Li:
    #3 was he tested for drugs at the time?
    #4 did you know that Hannibal Rising movie was released approx. 2 month before this incident?
    #5 it is not a delusion to feel like you are going to be executed, when your original come from China (where that occurs)
    #6 why is “God made me do it” cited in cases like these?
    #7 what diagnostics did they use to determine his mental illness…MRI, PET scan, assessments or did they just talk to him?

    I hope they hold Li in that hospital for decades….

  9. In febuary of 1981 my wife went to visit her father just outside of Toronto one night.Her brother was there watching T.V. and the T.V. told him that he needed to kill my wife when she got there. He was standing at the kitchen window watching for her to drive in the driveway and my father-inlaw walked up behind him and asked what he was doing with the knife and my brother-inlaw turned around and stabbed him 22 times killing him.
    Fortunately my wife was sidetracked at a friends house and was hours late and my brother-inlaw eventually called the cops on himself.
    He had been in and out of the queen st mental health center for years because of schizophrenia.
    Needless to say he was found not guilty by reason of insanity.
    He was sent to the maximum security facilty in pentang ont. for the criminally insane.
    He spent 6 years there before he was moved to a minimum security facilty in brockville ont.were he was slowly pushed back into society.
    My wifes mother got very sick mentally over all this and was hospitalized of and on for years.
    My wife only had one brother and mom and dad and she sorta lost all three of them in one night.
    We were just a young married couple and had just bought a small run down home with 10 acres with big plans and dreams for the future,but, they sure faded in a hurry.
    We spent the next 6 years travelling to hospitals visiting her mother AND brother.
    We were pretty muched forced (shamed into)by the institution in pentang to show support to her brother. They told us he was just sick and with the support of his family and right medication he would be Ok again.
    Nothing would be ok again.
    Life didn’t make much sense any more.
    She decided she didn’t want kids cause she might pass on this desease.
    The only enjoyment now it seemed was partying and we soon were drinking every day.
    One day she came home crying saying she couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to move out to the maritimes with a friend.She saw i was going downhill fast and didnt want to watch.
    We sold our place, got the lawyer to give us 2 checks one for each of us, went to the bank, then out to a bar together and both got blasted. That was in 1988. I,ve never seen her again. She was a really good girl.
    I have no idea what ever became of my brother-inlaw and dont want to know.
    I haven’t talked about this in years but i heard tim’s mother on the cbc tonight and my heart goes out to her.
    When i heard what happenned last year on that bus i knew what the verdict of any trial would be.
    This brings up another point.
    After my wife left i became hospitalized for drinking.You see i have a disease too. It’s called alcoholism. It was declared a disease in the 50’s. I was told buy many doctors and professionals that if i drink any more i might kill myself or somebody else. After a few drinks i dont remember a thing and do crazy things that i am not aware of. I have been lucky and on my relapses i usually end up waking up in a hospital. Twice they were a mental hospital. I’m literly insane. Thats one of A.A.’s steps,is, being restored to sanity.
    I havent drank for many years now but i fight with it daily. I cant go to certain places or events,take a mood stabilizer, go to AA, meet with counselors, etc.etc.
    I have to do this allways and for the rest of my life.
    But suppose i dont.And i relapse. And i get insane drunk,not knowing what i’m doing,stumble out to my car to go to the liqour store again and kill somebody’s child on the way there.
    Would i get off going to jail because i had a disease, relapsed, wasnt in my right mind,didnt know what i was doing at the time?
    I think not.

  10. You have me behind this. Someone told me this week that Mr. Li did not kill Tim……….society’s attitude to Schizophrenia did!! Of course this was a psych nursing student. I found it really ironic that a couple of weeks ago the Chinese man that murdered the Canadian Model was sentanced to death by the Chinese Government!!
    What are Canadians being shown here…………you have a mental illness and it excuses you from murder. Excuse me but I think Mr. Li had a team of Lawyers who did a real great job of getting him off
    Carol is right, there is no cure for Schizophrenia, medication controls it. This was no sudden onset of an illness. Mr. Li was diagnosed before, refused treatment, and the Canadian Mental Health System particularily the staff in the institution in Ontario knew he had one.
    The reason he walked out of tht hospital and refused to take his nmedication was his choice and look at the price paid for that.
    Ths was no case od Mr Li being afraid to seek treatment because of attitudes of others about Schizophrenia. He didn’t think he needed it.
    Many individuals fail to comply and under our Mental Health Act nothing can be done.
    I have ran into this many times trying to get people help who needed it.
    Never Free!!!

  11. The Dr’s own testimony at the “trial” indicated that Mr Li is at risk to relapse even WHILE MEDICATED and could possibly experience another psychotic episode. This reply, I’m sure is what all the victim’s families of the many NCR cases were also told. Whole trouble is Schizophrenia is non-curable!!! These “very disturbed individuals” are responsible for themselves and their own treatment and meds until they fail to comply. Then when they do something as horrendous as this, magically they are no longer responsible! Never Free! Never given the opportunity to do it again!!! If the safety of society were paramount, why are these individuals deemed “cured” and released?

    1. Dear Ms. Delley,

      I am dismayed by the prejudice and hate I see displayed by you and your readers regarding mental illness. You can be forgiven as I’m sure you are in pain. Trying to lock away the mentally ill indefinitely will not save people such as your son and I dare say you will find no peace in it for yourself. My advice is to get some treatment yourself so you can approach the world with less vitriol.

      Kind regards

  12. I recently wrote to the Hon. Rob Nicholson expressing my concerns about the outcome of Li’s trial. For what it is worth I thought that I would foreward his reply to you.

    Dear Mr. Kempster:

    Thank you for your correspondence of March 7, 2009, concerning the verdict of not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder.

    Please be assured that the need to protect the public from dangerous persons is given paramount importance in the legal regime that applies to persons who suffer from a mental disorder and are charged with a criminal offence. The twin goals of ensuring public safety and treating the mentally ill offender fairly and appropriately underpin the entire mental disorder regime set out in the Criminal Code. The law provides that dispositions, or orders, be made to govern those who are found by the courts to be unfit to stand trial or not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder. Review boards have been established in each province and territory to make or review dispositions concerning mentally disordered accused persons, in order to supervise them and oversee their treatment.

    I note your concern regarding the case of Mr. Vince Li. While it would not be appropriate for me to comment on a particular decision made by the courts or the review boards, I can indicate that the amount of time a person remains in custody and under the supervision of the review boards cannot be compared to or assessed against a period of time that would be considered to be appropriate punishment for a crime. The law governing accused persons who suffer from mental disorder is not premised on the concept of spending time in custody as a form of punishment. As such, accused persons who suffer from a mental disorder and pose a significant threat to the safety of the public can remain in a psychiatric hospital for an indeterminate period of time. The courts and the review boards must take into consideration both the need to protect the public from dangerous persons and the mental condition of the accused in determining the type of disposition that should be made with respect to that person.

    I would also like to point out that victims can request to receive notification of an individual’s disposition hearings; these hearings are usually held annually. They may also present a victim impact statement, whether in writing or orally, at a review board meeting, unless there are compelling reasons why this would not be appropriate.

    I always appreciate having my constituent’s concerns brought to my attention.

    Yours truly,

    The Honourable Rob Nicholson
    p.s. (I am adding this, not Mr. Nicholson..nothing we didnt know before but it is official!)

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