N.C.R Not knowing what you did was wrong?

Evidence of Knowledge of Wrongfulness

1) Efforts to avoid detection
– wearing gloves during crime
– waiting until dark
– taking victim to an isolated place
– wearing mask or disguise
– concealment of a weapon on way to crime

– falsifying documents (passport, firearm permit)
– giving a false name

– threatening to kill witnesses if they report to police
– giving a false alibi

2) Disposing of evidence
– wiping off fingerprints
– washing off blood
– discarding of murder weapon
– burying a murder victim secretly
– destroying incriminating documents
3) Efforts to avoid detection
– fleeing from the crime scene
– fleeing from the police
– lying to the police

4)Statement by the defendant that he or she knew the act was wrong at the time of the offense

5) Notifying the police that a crime was committed

6) Expression of remorse or guilt after the crime committed

7) Absence of hallucinations or delusions suggesting that the offense was justified

3 thoughts on “N.C.R Not knowing what you did was wrong?”

  1. Hi Heather,
    I’m not sure why any of this was not brought up in court..I think the families of Tim deserve a new trial.One with real lawyers…

  2. SO the highlighted area there show Vincent Li knew that what he did was wrond right! Why was this not brough up at the 3 day hearing?

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