Who is Dr Stanley Yaren?

Who is Dr Stanley Yaren? I need to state first and foremost that the views expressed in this post may not be shared by others. I am of the opinion that the crown prosecutor never fulfilled their legal duty to the people they represent. I am also of the opinion that the taxpayers were double billed for this trial. The taxpayers should not be burdened with a requirement to pay for the defence lawyers nor was there any need for a witnesses for the defence. This was a waste of taxpayer’s money … Defence lawyer 101 … if the prosecution has not proven their case… you make a motion to quash the charge. If they have proven your case… sit back and smile.

Dr Stanley Yaren was called by the crown as their star witness…. actually, their only witness.

Dr. Stanley Yaren described Li as a “decent person” who was clearly out of his mind when he believed he was acting on God’s orders to eliminate “the force of evil” and attacked Tim McLean.

Yaren said Li has made significant strides since being hospitalized after his arrest and could one day function again in the community — something Yaren admits doesn’t sit well with most people, including the victim’s family.

“I completely understand the need for a sense of justice, of retribution,” Yaren told Queen’s Bench Justice John Scurfield.

“But (Li) is as much of a victim of this horrible illness … as Mr. McLean is a victim. Don’t hate the person. Hate the illness.”

Yaren tells court he saw Li nineteen times, for a total of 12 hours. Who is Stanley Yaren… Doctor Stanley Yaren is Manitoba’s chief forensic psychiatrist… He has testified at other hearings… Although I have marked in bold some statements, you can formulate your own opinion!

R. v. Lowes:  Between Her Majesty the Queen, informant, and Kirk Lowes, accused

[1997] M.J. No. 549 Manitoba Provincial Court

Briefly summarized: The accused has pleaded guilty to an information charging him with the offence of distributing child pornography, contrary to Section 163.1(3)(a) of the Criminal Code. The Crown having proceeded by indictment, the maximum punishment is incarceration for a term not exceeding ten years.

Dr Stanley Yaren report for this case:

The psychiatric report prepared by Dr. Stanley Yaren, Psychiatrist, Health Sciences Centre, PsychHeath Centre, dated April 16, 1997 (contained in Exhibit 51):

“The reason for this assessment was explained to Mr. Lowes. He understood that our conversation was not confidential as I would be preparing this report for your use. He was completely cooperative, open and spontaneous throughout the assessment procedure. Mr. Lowes is facing charges in connection with distributing child pornography over the Internet. Mr. Lowes readily acknowledges and admits to the actions which led to the charges against him. He also acknowledges the wrongfulness and immorality of his behaviour. Based upon this assessment it is my opinion that Mr. Lowes’ involvement in the offending behaviour was not intentionally malicious was not done either for personal sexual gratification or for financial gain. Mr. Lowes first developed an interest in the Internet in December of 1996 at which time his home computer became connected to the Internet through a commercial Internet service provider. Mr. Lowes’ interest rapidly progressed to a fascination and then later an obsession. He started spending all of his spare time in front of the computer attempting to master the technology of the Internet. This type of experience was not new for Mr. Lowes or for his wife, as it was his usual practice when he was becoming involved in and learning about something new to totally immerse himself in it. Mr. Lowes eventually mastered the techniques of searching the Internet and discovered News Groups where he was able to access sexually explicit material of all kinds. He admits that initially he was somewhat titillated by the erotic material (but not the pedophiliac material). He states that the novelty soon wore off and the content became boring. He then became interested in exploring more deviant material. He derived excitement from the sense that he was exploring and accessing things that are usually forbidden. He viewed this more as a technical challenge than as something he was doing for sexual gratification. As I understand it he explored a number of areas of deviant sexuality not only pedophilia. Eventually Mr. Lowes sought to increase his technical skills and mastery as well as his exploration of the forbidden by getting into the process of exchanging pictures by electronic mail. Apparently Mr. Lowes was unaware of the fact that there are relatively simple techniques which can be used to exchange E-mail without having it traced back to the individual. Mr. Lowes appears to have been experimenting without giving much thought to the implications of his actions. Mr. Lowes states that by the time he was charged with the offences his interest in the Internet had already begun to wane and it had been several weeks since he had accessed or exchanged any of the pornographic material. He states that he was in the process of deleting the material from his computer hard drive as the pictures were using up all of his storage space. Mr. Lowes is 27 years old. He has no past history of mental disorder and no criminal record. He has been married for the past 2 1/2 years to a woman who he has known for the past 14 years. They are expecting their first child later this year. Mr. Lowes has some university education. He is steadily employed on a full-time basis in a semi-skilled job with a cable manufacturing company. Previously he has worked as a salesman. Mr. Lowes is a moderate drinker and he does not use illicit drugs. He is in good physical health . . . . .

Mr. Lowes indicates that he does not experience any deviant sexual arousal. He indicated that he worked in one of the first adult video stores in Winnipeg. Initially he found this job quite sexually exciting but he rapidly discovered that continuous exposure to explicit sexual material was boring, monotonous and he soon lost interest. It is interesting to note that this earlier experience seems to have been repeated in his more recent exposure to explicit material over the Internet. It appears that when he became bored with this material he pursued more deviant and forbidden material as a way of stimulating his interest. Mr. Lowes indicated that he and his wife are quite compatible sexually and that he does not experience any need for involvement in deviant sexual fantasies or practice. There is nothing based upon my examination to indicate that Mr. Lowes suffers from pedophilia or any other paraphilic disorder . . . . . I would not classify Mr. Lowes’ level of involvement in the Internet as a true addiction. I do not consider his interest in child pornography to be a manifestation of a pedophilic disorder. I do not identify any other mental disorder or condition requiring treatment or psychological intervention.”

end of report

Sounds like Kirk Lowes would also be a fine upstanding citizen who according to Mr Stanley Yaren, should be allowed to work at your local daycare.. thanks, but no thank… Kirk Lowes can watch your kids!

Li was not convicted of any crime. Based on the testimony of this Dr Stanley Yaren,  the judge was forced to make a judgement based on the evidence presented. Had the judge been presented with evidence allowing him to convict the defendant, there would have been minimum sentencing guidelines that would have been imposed.  But the judge was presented with Stanley Yaren’s professional opinion. Like the opinion I just shared….  This is why we need Tim’s Law.

We are looking for donations to offset the cost of getting the transcript of Dr Stanley Yaren testimony at the Li trial. Information on donating to the Tim’s Law effort can be found under the contact info at the top of the homepage.

6 thoughts on “Who is Dr Stanley Yaren?”

  1. hiya-
    i know stan – and not tim
    i know stan very well.
    a friend === oh no
    see – i am a victim of phycho fucktards like you that think they understand stuff.
    stan is not evil – he is dumb
    he does the best he can with whatever information he gets.
    usually the information is from corrupt criminal police officers, or criminal nurses at the hospital,corrupt politicians and , sometimes even his own staff.
    u have my e-mail – you are wrong !
    i will prove it to you
    contact me and
    i can help u heal

    you are wrong
    – yes- stan can be … impulsive
    but you have to understand – he is a puppet
    he is a puppet, he gets his strings pulled by all kinds of people, EVEN INTERNET FUCKTARDS LIKE YOURSELF THAT KNOW NOTHING AND EXPECT EVERYTHING = please abandon this rediculous “tims law” bullshit
    YOU ARE NOT A PSYCHAITRIST (i assume), fairly so – because you are not – and u never will be, so shut up.
    i hate stan – i love stan –
    he ALWAYS gets caught in a no win situation
    – rock and a hard place –
    but he almost always tried to be fair
    tims law – is a fools law
    abandon it – you are wrong
    i can prove you are wrong
    contact me
    you need to heal

    don’t expect a quick reply – i avoid human contact – people are fucktrards

  2. Who is Dr. Jonathan Rootenberg??

    “Psychiatric expert” from CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health) in Toronto, Dr. Jonathan Rootenberg, who for all that we know is unable to tell the difference between compulsive behaviour and psychotic behaviour, determined that Vincent Li “Greyhound beheader” and a cannibal who killed and dismembered Timothy McLean of Winnipeg on a bus in Manitoba last July was psychotic when he killed his victim.

    One does not have to be a psychiatrist, one just have to observe Dr. Rootenberg in person and listen to him speak for a while to quickly realise that “our psychiatric expert” is trying very hard to cope with some very serious mental handicaps.

    First odd thing that one observes it the voice; Dr. Rootenberg’s False Ego voice that he uses to peddle his “psychiatric expertise” sounds like a voice of a man that it at least twice the size of Dr. Rootenberg. One could speculate that Dr. Rootenberg’s father was or still is twice the size of Dr. Jonathan Rootenberg and this False Ego voice is his father’s voice.

    Once we manage to get over oddity of the voice and take a good look at Dr. Rootenberg’s performance we realise that Dr. Rootenberg’s mimics and gesticulation is very much overdone and it is produced consciously for public consumption. Not in spirit of good acting of a great actor imposing his persona on others in his presence, more in a way of a fake and an impostor who desperately keeps monitoring others to make sure that they keep on swallowing this mask that his False Ego keeps on generating.

    Sadly, “Video” produced by Dr. Rootenberg’s False Ego keeps on lagging his “Audio” creating “Doppler Effect” commonly seen in badly dubbed Class B movies.

    If that was not bad enough Dr. Rootenberg’s well rehearsed answers to prescript questions are delivered with this “Incredible Lightness of Being” tone of voice so characteristic for people suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

    Once we overcome all these visual and audio effects and try to concentrate on merit of things that we hear from him we have to sift thru this barrage of magic words; “major mental illness”, “delusional thinking”, “psychotic episode” and when we filter them out there is no independent thought left but a desperate plea to the listeners “But, these psychotropic drugs do help this patient to gain some insight into nature of his illness, do they not, but why?? They should.”

    Since I saw Dr. Jonathan Rootenberg on March 17, 2009 delivering his performance to a very limited audience at CAMH during ORB (Ontario Review Board) Hearing I am willing to cut him some slack and I am willing to take this flight of imagination and presume that in the Courtroom he does significantly better. Does it in any way shape or form help Canadian justice system to somehow repair their tarnished image??

    You be the judge:

    Bus beheading trial ends with both sides seeking same verdict
    Judge promises decision Thursday morning
    Last Updated: Wednesday, March 4, 2009 | 1:09 PM CT
    CBC News
    A two-day Winnipeg trial in a case of killing and beheading on a Greyhound bus ended Wednesday with both sides seeking the same verdict — not criminally responsible by reason of mental disorder.

    The judge said he will deliver his verdict at 10 a.m. CT on Thursday.

    Psychiatrists for the Crown and the defence agreed during the short trial that Vince Li, 40, was suffering from schizophrenia and did not know what he was doing when he killed 22-year-old Timothy McLean of Winnipeg on a bus in Manitoba last July.

    The psychiatrists said Li believed he was acting on orders from God when he attacked McLean, mutilating the young man before decapitating him and eating part of the body.

    Li had pleaded not guilty to a charge of second-degree murder, but Crown and defence lawyers asked that he be found not criminally responsible.

    That verdict would mean he could be sent to a provincial psychiatric facility rather than to prison. He would be placed under the authority of a provincial review board with power to keep him in custody or, if he is no longer considered a risk, discharge him.

    ‘He has a major mental illness that …rendered him unable to know what he was doing was wrong’—Dr. Jonathan Rootenberg
    Toronto psychiatrist Jonathan Rootenberg, testifying for the defence, told court Wednesday that Li suffers from schizophrenia and was probably psychotic for weeks before the attack.

    Rootenberg said Li meets the criteria for an accused person who would be not criminally responsible. “He has a major mental illness that …rendered him unable to know what he was doing was wrong,” the psychiatrist said, suggesting Li knew he was stabbing someone but thought it was a demon and didn’t understand the nature of his actions.

    Earlier, forensic psychiatrist Dr. Stanley Yaren, testifying for the Crown, also gave evidence that Li was diagnosed as schizophrenic and suffered from a major psychotic episode — tormented by auditory hallucinations — at the time of the killing.

    Yaren testified that according to Li, God told him that McLean was a “force of evil” who was about to stab Li unless he protected himself.

    Killer could one day be rehabilitated, psychiatrists say
    Even after the killing, Li believed McLean had supernatural powers and would come back to life unless he dismembered the body and spread the body parts around the bus, Yaren said. Li was not capable of understanding his actions were wrong, he testified.

    Both psychiatrists said that Li, although he is very ill, could one day be rehabilitated and returned to society.

    The CBC’s Marisa Dragani, reporting from Winnipeg, said the trial was unusual for its brevity and lack of conflicting versions of events.

    “In a murder trial, you usually hear from witnesses; you usually hear testimony about what happened, when and how,” she said. “We didn’t hear that.

    “There was an agreed statement of facts, filed right off the bat, that the Crown and the defence agreed to, and that was read out in court. It was quite lengthy, and that was done to spare any of the witnesses and the family as well from reliving this horror….

  3. Dr. Stanley Yaren is a mass murderer himself so looking from his perspective vincent Li is a fine gentleman.

    Dr. Stanley Yaren uses “Zyprexa pump and dump” pseudo-medical procedure to kill (induce suicide) of his victims.

    More on “Zyprexa pump and dump”

    Dr. Stanley Yaren’s recent victims:

    Anna Maciocha






    Dr. Stanley Yaren covers up for cops and jail guards

  4. On top of that rant… i just wanted to re-point out to everyone that this POS Li delivered numerous newspapers the day before this happened that featured an article on “Windigo” which is an old Native word that refers to a monster, or a human, who eats human flesh in an effort to absorb the power and life of the human he is eating.

    I personally believe this Li guy read the article, found it intriguing and decided to try it out.

    Let’s all imagine how the attacker would have been treated if he were a Muslim….I can guarantee you, if the muslim wasn’t put to death, or life in prison at the guantonimo facility, he definitely would have been shipped back to his home country.

    We live in such an racist an bias country I’m starting to wonder if anyone in our judicial system has any feelings, or if they are all robots.


  5. I completely agree these criminals should be treated as criminals. Not as children who werent really sure if what they were doing was right or wrong. This isnt a case of steal a candy from the store here, its the difference between a life and a dead, mutilated body with parts consumed by his attacker. This is one of the worst crimes imaginable, by this i mean killing and eating another human being, and as such should be convicted with the worst of punishments. If we start letting everyone who comits murder, admits to it, and then at a later date pleas insanity, get off with no punishment because some bull-s*it doctor who got his degree from a cracker jack box says he isnt responisble, then all we are doing is letting the general public know they can do whatever they want because someone will deem them not criminally responsible at some point in time. This is unacceptable to me, and I do not wish to live in a society that raises and promotes pedophiles and murders. Where do i sign up to support Tim’s Law? I’m all over it and i’m sure alot of other people are to. I do not want my child living next to a guy who was found with child porn in his possesion but beleives its ok because it supposedly never made him erect. There is absolutely no way to know 100% what that guy was thinking when he was jacking off to pictures of naked children. maybe he was thinking “oh i cant wait until my wife has our child so i can ……” I’m not ok with the thought of playing at the park with my son, for some guy to walk by and think, “i’d love to get my hands on that boy”.
    I can only sympathize with Tim’s family, and offer my deepest condolences to them. I cant imaging what Tim’s mother was thinking as she waited for him to walk through the door, waiting patiently to hug her son and welcome him home, only to be blown away by the precense of an RCMP officer telling her, sorry ma’am, your son is never coming back to you again, some jerk decided to rip him apart and eat him on the bus ride home, but dont worry, we will make sure your sons murderer gets at least 1 year of observation by a psycologist before we let him free to eat another mamber of the general public.
    Yet, a few weeks ago, a lady was attacked by a chimpanzee in Dartmouth NS, the chimp ripper ehr face basically off of her body, and the Chimp was shot dead. Yes, i do compare this POS Li to a chimp because he obviously has the same mentality as a wild animal, yet does not receive the same punishment. This chimp was doing nothing but protecting his owner and actually doing the right thing as far as he was concerned. We cannot say the same for Li as we can conclude he does know the differnece between right and wrong because he admitted to the crime as being a crime initially. it wasnt until he spoke with his POS lawyer and POS cracker-jack doctor who convinced him he coudl get away with the crime if he pleaded insanity.
    Its not right… it makes me want to call for Sharia law (islamic law), even though i’m a catholic, becuase at least then we know these POS’s will get what they deserve… AN EYE FOR AN EYE, A HEART FOR A HEART.
    so now i feel like i may have rambled, but the bottom line is, sign me up for Tim’s law and give me a name and address to send the cheque!

  6. I think it is time to put “Dr” Stanley Yaren under a very large microscope. This treasonous fake doctor (don’t care that he has MD after his name) obviously doesn’t apply “do not harm” outside his immediate patient load. He seems to have no problems doing harm by proxy and what is worse, in this day of political correctness on steroids, spineless media types (WFP a la Gord Sinclair Jr) are hopping the bandwagon. They are helping Dr Yaren tell the world that Vince Li is more the victim than Tim was.

    Yep. Time for Vince’s #1 fan to be exposed as the worthless doctor he really is. This guy is worse than Greg Brodski, at least being a slimeball is expected of some defence lawyers. For a doctor to use his medical knowledge to exonerate pedophiles and brutal murderers is beyond reprehensible. He gets to trade in common, moral sense and ethical conduct in the name of: writing medical papers, securing research funding, fattening his curriculum vitae, bolstering his ego to new heights, passing on his sense of “right and wrong” to a new generation of medical students, and being the top 5% of income earners in this country. This, plus 80% of his medical school costs were, and are, paid for by you, me, and the other 30 000 000 or so taxpayers in this country.

    I’d say Canadians everywhere are to blame, a little. To blame for letting this elitist use our current, overwhelming Politically Correct culture to selfishly advance his own ends, with leftist media support no less. He puts millions at risk (and that’s just the two cases I know of) by helping the court system to sympathize with sickening criminals. He will put his own career interests ahead of the concerns of the true victims, their families, and Canadians abroad to justify his, what is now clearly, dubious medical specialty. His dismissiveness of Tim McClean and family just screams intellectual arrogance of the highest order, condemning those without medical degrees to, “sit down, shut up, I know better because I went to medical school.”

    Funny part is, I bet this guy couldn’t even work an IV pump to save his life.

    Time to expose this flake as the self-promoting, treacherous turncoat (or is that whitecoat?) he really is. Where do I send the cheque?

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