Greyhound Security Measures… are they kidding

busGeyhounds increased security measures are a joke as we’ve all come to realize. The only reason they did anything at all was not because of what happened to Timothy rather it was to quiet the public demand for them to do something…anything. Was it a coincidence that these increased measures were put in place in late fall just prior to the upcoming holiday season? They did not want their ridership numbers to drop so they provided the public with a false sense of security. They published in the newspapers which 3 major terminals would be conducting the searches. I guess maybe criminals cannot read and figure out where NOT to board a bus with weapons or other banned items.(Vince Li did not get on the bus at a major depot) Until they, (Greyhound) get serious, checking and searching at all terminals, all passengers, and all luggage all the time and not after noon when security begins(I guess violent offenders don’t travel before noon). How do we the public even begin to take them seriously? what a joke, I find it insults our intelligence

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  1. Have you looked at other means of travel like the VIA Rail. They don’t have any security screening and they are subsidize by the GOVT.

    City Transit companies experience more dangerous incidents and no security measures are in place to minimize weapon threats.

    Greyhound and other intercity carriers are privatly owned and have the burden of investing in security measures.

    Airports are the only subsidize security firm that provide major screening.


  2. $10 says that this decision came down from the public relations dept. Since after the decapitation incident Grayhound felt they had an image problem. No real security protocol would have those kinds of holes In it unless it was there to shock and awe. In Toronto- a real Grayhound hub- not a single one of these stage played has taken place- why? To my reason for one – the delays in a terminal of that scale would be huge and secondly- Ottawa is a city of decision makers as a capital and the seat of the Gov’t – making white colar pencil pushers feel safe is all you need to do- at the cost of criminalizing your clients by subjecting them to invasive searches. Wayne Binda is greyhounds regional manager – and he is the suit behind this amateur hour , send your feedback here :
    Wayne Binda
    265, Catherine Street
    Ottawa (Ontario)
    K1R 7S5
    Tél. : 613 238-2172
    Watt : 800 363-4231
    Courriel :
    Internet :

  3. Hi, I have information for you that I think you and your lawer will want. Greyhound knew and were asked for security measures due to prior problems and not only chose to do nothing,they burried it.they thought they destroied the only copies,but i found a copy they don’t know exists.I have that proof in writing. 204-292-1250

  4. As a result of not having a driver’s liscence I have had to take Greyhound on numerous occasions since September. this route runs from Winnipeg to Brandon. Only once were we ever checked at a security point in Winnipeg and that was in October.
    There were no checks in Brandon or any of the small towns on that route and I believe there were at least 4 stops along the way.
    The route running north to Gladstone, Neepawa, Minnedosa and then Brandon after a nearly five hour ride was the same. So I agree with Carol 100%. Tim’s bus was re-boarded by Mr. Li in Erickson, another small town in Manitoba on a route to Brandon. I have not been through a security check in Winnipeg since then and have travelled since October.

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