“One Day at a Time.” says Carol DeDelley

The mother of Tim McLean, who was stabbed and decapitated on a Greyhound bus last year, said she’ll get through the upcoming trial “one day at a time.”

McLean’s mother Carol DeDelley said she’s been through many therapy sessions to deal with the difficult loss of her son last July. She described him as a “wonderful, vibrant” son who was both “friendly” and “approachable.”

“We’re going to miss him so, so much,” DeDelley said. “We already do, it only gets worse as the days go by.”

“I believe that mentality ill or not, people who commit this type of horrific murder need to be held responsible,” DeDelley said.

She wants politicians to pass “Tim’s Law,” which would mean anyone convicted of murder would be incarcerated for life, with no chance of parole.

“The punishments available do not suit what happened to my son,” DeDelley said. “Saying that he was stabbed and murdered on the bus is a very kind description of what actually took place.”

She said one way she’s coping with losing her son is by focusing on getting “Tim’s Law” passed.

“I know for sure that if I do nothing, nothing will change,” she said. “But if I do something, something might change.”

McLean’s family has also launched a $150,000 lawsuit against Greyhound and the federal government for poor security measures aboard the bus.

The company says it has sought to make its vehicles and major stations safer, by checking the luggage of passengers and screening them with hand-held metal detectors.

5 thoughts on ““One Day at a Time.” says Carol DeDelley”

  1. Dear Ms. DeDelley… I just read the psychiatrist review about Li… I am outraged and I wish to share this with you. I cannot even begin to understand your anguish and pain… I for one am outraged at the pyshiatrist review and opinion. I am of the belief that the guy should have to, at the very least, spend his life-time in an institution or likewise. I want to tell you that I am in total shock at this new outcome. If there is absolutely anything I can do please email and let me know…

  2. Those advice additionally acted to become a great way to comprehend many people have a similar dream much like mine to figure out significantly more related to this condition.

  3. I am absolutelty appalled, disgusted and downright outraged at the news article I have just read detailing escorted walks for Vincent Li and certain future freedoms that will be granted to him.

    My God, what is the world coming too? How can a “just” society like Canada fail to punish extremely violent offenders – mental illness is not an excuse!!! I could literally vomit.

    Mrs. DeDelley – we’re going to need a miracle to get this wrong “righted”.

    Amanda Roberts
    Cambridge Ontario

  4. We heard with deep sorrow the horrible details of what happened to your son on that greyhound bus.

    As for the RCMP simply standing by for four hours and watching the gruesome violating of your son’s body….that is outrageous!!

    What people don’t realize, is, that what once was a great and honorable police force, has been reduce to this. They have become generally cowardly and incompetent. They are no longer the “mythical mounties” we love so much to admire. The C in RCMP now stands for cowardly. There are many examples of that. Now they need tazers and a dozen cop cars for incidents that a few brave and competent cops could have easily handled in the past.

    You are very right to sue them!

  5. Greyhounds increased security measures are a joke as we’ve all come to realize. The only reason they did anything at all was not because of what happened to Timothy rather it was to quiet the publics demand for them to do something…anything. Was it a coincidense that these increased measures were put in place in late fall just prior to the upcoming holiday season? They did not want their ridership numbers to drop so they provided the public with a false sense of security. They published in the newspapers which 3 major terminals would be conducting the searches. I guess maybe criminals cannot read and figure out where NOT to board a bus with weapons or other banned items.(Vince Li did not get on the bus at a major depot) Until they, (Greyhound) get serious, checking and searching at all terminals, all passengers, and all luggage all the time and not after noon when security begins(I guess violent offenders don’t travel before noon). How do we the public even begin to take them seriously? what a joke, I find it insults our intelligence

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