Annual Review of Manitoba Criminal Review Board / Vincent Li 2011

Vince Li will not be allowed passes to leave the grounds of the Selkirk Mental Health Centre for at least the next year, the Manitoba Criminal Review Board has ruled.

However, Vincent Li will be granted some extended privileges within the facility based on the “rapid progress” he is making while receiving medical care.
His treatment team recommended he be given additional freedoms, which could include escorted leaves into the community within the next 12 months.

The review board released a written decision today, citing Li’s improvements but authorizing only minimal changes to his status. The board agreed with his treatment team’s recommendation to allow for increased passes from his locked forensic unit to walk on hospital grounds. He is currently allowed one hour per day, but the review board said those may be gradually increased until they cover a full day.

The review board also agreed that supervision can be reduced at Selkirk’s discretion, from the current 3:1 ratio down to as little as a 1:1 ratio. However, they did not authorize additional calls to allow Li the possibility of participating in group outings on the grounds of Selkirk in which one staff member would supervise three patients at a time. Nor did they give the green light for any escorted passes out of the facility.

All of the conditions are binding for the next 12 months and subject to annual review.

4 thoughts on “Annual Review of Manitoba Criminal Review Board / Vincent Li 2011”

  1. I do wish you would reconsider your decision re: Vincent Li and the NCR ruling. Vince Li did commit a most heinous act that is akin to terrorism. Our Forces are involved in the war over such people as ISIS/ISIL who kill, behead, cannibalize, commit heinous acts and terrorize people as Vince Li did to Tim Mclean. To have such a terrible act committed to a Canadian on Canadian soil as Vince Li, an immigrant to Canada did and not only did Vince Li snuff out the life of a young man who had potential, but he changed the lives of Tim’s loving Mother and family and the people who love Tim forever. We still have nightmares of the event.
    Is Tim’s life not important, should he not receive justice for his untimely and cruel death?? Or is the concern only with Vince Li, whom I believe is an immigrant to Canada, has had long term mental issues, refusing to take his medications and if set free will no doubt reoffend again with his schizophrenia diagnosis? I and the public have the right to know and feel safe in the knowledge that Vince Li will not have the chance or be free to do so!!
    I believe I can speak for all members of the group “Justice for Tim Mclean”, as well as several others and myself, in saying that Vince Li once believed he didn’t need his medication while knowing the consequences of not taking it,therefore he is not totally Not Criminally Responsible. The result being the horrific crime of him ending Tim’s life in front of a busload of people who are also scarred and resulted in at least one policeman who was on the scene suffering from PTSD and ultimately succumbing to suicide leaving his own family without him. I was also on the scene that night, it was a scene worse than I have ever encountered!!! So much blood, hysteria, confusion, and definite heart break!! Seeing Vince holding up Tim’s severed head and chewing on Tim’s flesh through the bus windows while the police tried to subdue the scene, paramedics and others trying to help people off the bus, others trying to stop Vince from doing any more harm to anyone else as he threatened, was very devastating!!
    I appeal to the board to please have Vince li kept as a patient in Health Sciences Psych HealthCare long term with supervised consumption of meds and no unsupervised outings. While he may be considered NCR, I am sure that he knew the consequences of not taking his medication so I cannot/will not believe that he was not totally NCR. I have been a health care professional for many many years and I have seen what one with schizophrenia can do, there is no reliability on his continued wellness.
    Further was there not a law in progress or passed that if an immigrant/resident/not born in Canada Citizen were to commit such a heinous crime or any crime in Canada, that he/she be deported?
    Again, please reconsider Vince Li being moved to a group home in the future with unsupervised outings. I am sure that Tim McLean’s Mom, family and loved ones would appreciate it I know I certainly will and Tim will finally rest in peace. Please consider Tim’s Law or for Tim and the rest of us, there will be no justice, only continued heartache.
    Thank you for your time and I await your response.
    Glenda Cruikshank Kirk

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