Fifth Estate to air Tim McLean story “Bus 1170”

On Friday Nov 6th, The long running CBC show Fifth Estate will air Tim’s story titled “Bus 1170”

9pm and 9:30 in Newfoundland.
Check your local programming guide for channels


Bus 1170 Synopsis
On a peaceful summer’s night in July 2008, along a stretch of the Trans Canada Highway in Manitoba, the unthinkable happened. What started as just another Prairie bus ride became a nightmare when the lives of two passengers intersected tragically and resulted in the murder of Tim McLean. In Bus 1170, Bob McKeown takes us inside what happened on Greyhound 1170 through the eyes of the surviving passengers and other witnesses.

A seemingly random decision, to take the Greyhound from B.C. to Winnipeg rather than a friend’s offer of a plane ticket, would cost twenty-two-year-old Tim McLean his life, would profoundly change the lives of dozens of others who saw his murder and shock anyone who has heard about it since. On Greyhound 1170, Vincent Li, a diagnosed schizophrenic on his own randomly chosen bus journey, sat beside McLean and then, obeying voices inside his head, repeatedly stabbed and then cannibalized Tim McLean’s body.

In Bus 1170, the fifth estate recounts the story from the perspective of two of the surviving passengers. Stephen Allison vividly recounts his sense of foreboding as Vincent Li walked down the aisle and took the seat across from him, beside Tim McLean. And Kayli Shaw remembers the chilling moment when Allison ran by her yelling at the driver to pull over, that someone was being stabbed. She says she is still haunted by the sound of Tim McLean’s screams.

Bob McKeown also introduces us to truck driver Chris Alguire, who stopped his truck when he saw the Greyhound at the side of the road. Alguire tried to confront Vincent Li. What he saw has left him unable to resume his former job or life since then. We’ll also meet the man who probably knows Vincent Li best, forensic psychiatrist Dr. Stanley Yaren. He spent hours with Vincent Li and transcripts of their conversations are re-created to understand why Vincent Li felt he had no choice but to kill Tim McLean.

And the fifth estate talks to Tim McLean’s family – his father, stepmother and mother – who today still struggle to understand why the RCMP stood outside Bus 1170 for five hours, as Vincent Li cut up their son’s body, before intervening.

12 thoughts on “Fifth Estate to air Tim McLean story “Bus 1170””

  1. I think you are not only extremely unkind, disrespectful and rude, but I think you are
    delusional. How do you explain the Chief Psychiatrist diagnosing Li Scizophrenic?
    How is cannibalisation an act someone puts on? And if he was hired to do this you fool why is he in a foresnsic unit of a Psychistric Hospital?
    And furthermore how dare you slander someone who was murdered?
    The RCMP had every choice in how to procede in that terrible violence and they chose to wait for 4 hours.
    Greyhound has never taken responsibility for their lack of security, and also never apologised to the family at all. The living vistims on the bus I believe got 5 or 6 counselling sessions only.
    Tim laughing from above as his body was defiled? You lady are sick.
    The family is right to sue and I do not believe the show being aired or the law suits are to line their pockets. I know Carol and have cried with her and listened to her tell me what was done to her son. I have listened to her tell me that she has already lost everything. How Anna do you compensate for the brutal loss of a son? What the family is doing they are doing it because it is the right thing to do. Some one has to speak for Tim and keep his story alive.

  2. I just finished watching this episode.
    I cried my eyes out when I heard the reason this monster picked Tim, when no-one helped Tim on the bus, and, 10x worse, when the heartless RCMP officers just stood there & watched, giving a detached “play-by-play” over their radios.
    Their actions, however, do not surprise me. Regardless of their policies, you’d think they’d have some compassion that this was a loved human being on that bus. The RCMP continue to be a disgrace, along with the Canadian justice system that allows this man (who knew he was mentally ill & DECIDED not to be medicated) to go unpunished.
    My heart breaks for Tim’s family & friends. I wish you success with your civil suit, and hope they know that Canadians are outraged at the way this was handled, in all respects. I have yet to speak to anyone that feels any different.
    (Obviously “Anna Harms” is yet another un-medicated wackjob that is out there. Or part of the RCMP)
    Best wishes, & I’m so sorry you have to go through this.

  3. Anna Harms doesn’t know what she is talking about. The family is not suing to get any money. They want the public to be safe so there will never be another chance for some psychotic bastard to take it out on an innocent person who is just minding his own business. Tim was a wonderful young man with a wonderful, loving family. Nobody deserves to die the way he did. RIP Tim. You will forever be missed and loved.


    Did you even know Tim? Do you even know his family? Cause i personally knew both, very well. This is FAR from a money grab for the family, trust me. I was with one of the sibilings everyday for about a month after this happened. I saw what they had gone through, they are NOT greedy people. The whole family are amazing people anyone would be lucky to have in their lifes. Dont you come on her bashing Tim like you knew him. CAUSE YOU DONT. get respect.

  5. I think for a comment like Anna said about someone that has been murdered,the way that Tim was. You Anna are being disrespectful to him and his family which my sister-in law is very close too. He was a young man and might have done things that weren’t the greatest. As did everyone on this earth has, I am sure you are not a saint Anna.. If you don’t have something respectful to say for the dead maybe people shouldn’t say anything.. Tim I didn’t know you but you knew my sister in law Sherri.. RIP Tim..

  6. Let me say the show didn’t make Tim out to be perfect like I expected. They actually made him out to be a real person rather than a saint which goes a long way. He had his ups and downs like other real people.

    RCMP had no choice but to wait out the situation on the bus though. They have to follow their guidelines or else they would get sued by many others as well as the family of Tim.

    The family hopefully can take some “satisfacation” in thinking of Tim looking down from heavean as Li defiled his body, laughing at Li saying “You aren’t hurting me anymore! I had a good life even if it was a short life. You Vincent Li will get to live hell on earth for many more years! P.S. God told me He didn’t tell you to kill me!”

  7. I’ll come visit you today and we’ll talk;;;;
    We all miss you very much;;;;
    You should still be with us;;;;
    Your memory will never fade;;;;

  8. More fuel for the family to exploit a person’s death for cash in their own pockets!!! Nobody sues in something like this unless they are greedy and trying to capitalize on someone elses death. Money for nothing.

    Tim McLean was NOT a nothing but he was NOT the saint you will see him made out to be either. He was a drug addict – he owed someone money, didn’t pay and this was a hit. Li is not psycho – he was hired to do a job, did it and is now putting on a good act to stay out of jail. Police never bothered to do a full investigation either.

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